25 thoughts on “It’s Officially Official

  1. ostriches are funny… and sometimes need a little head in the sand time. i will miss the funniness and honesty but pray you will be refreshed and revived in the 'break'.. 🙂


  2. and well-deserved, my dear. plus, with faces that cute around, i don't know how you ever manage to do anything but eat them up all day! goodness, those small folk of yours are awesome.

    ps i think RRR and i have the same mom.


  3. WHHHHATTTT?????

    ok. you can have tonight off. see you tomorrow?

    big hugs to you, too, and i hope you find sweet peace while you take your break. but come back, now…. ya'll hear?


  4. Seriously? Two toddlers and a baby and a husband and dog and cat and you don't have time to BLOG? I guess I can just go to stalking you on facebook when I get on there every two weeks.



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