It’s A Purple Moustache World

I told you my winter is gray, but I was lying.

Don’t look so shocked

 I noticed the colors today, after I stumbled from my bed and blindly poured cereal and determined justly who was getting the Spiderman bowl. I noticed the colors when I noticed the oranges on the table and decided to squeeze some. I’m getting a head cold so orange juice is prudent…but orange juice is so much more than prudent isn’t it?

I held a ball of fire in my hand this morning and it didn’t burn me. I’ve seen that miracle before in Januaries past, so I just made a note of it and opened my eyes a little wider.

It was the moustache that did me in.

Today’s color is purple, as in purple moustaches. And frankly, I just can’t handle it.  I want to live in a world with purple moustaches. I want to be here, in January, to see the oranges, and the purple moustaches, and the way the green playdoh falls on the floor in small flakes of vibrant mess. Have you noticed yet that the ordinary things are not ordinary at all?

13 thoughts on “It’s A Purple Moustache World

  1. january has always been my worst month to get through also….here's to purple moooostaches everywhere! i am now wishing my dog's hairballs that overtake my house were purple.


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