Silence in Springtime

Suddenly I was sick of speaking. I was tired of talking. So, I decided to stop opening my big mouth.

 I’ve cut back on Facebook, I’ve basically killed my Twitter bird, and I have been working hard at watching what I say around my family and friends.

 And of course, my best efforts aren’t producing the best results.

It’s hard to tame the tongue.
It’s pretty much impossible.

So, I found myself failing. I cried out to God and asked him for the ability to curb my commenting.

It didn’t seem like He was listening.

I argued with my husband over a door lock that very day. This might be a good time to tell you that I don’t lose. I mean, IF it seems like I’m going to lose an argument, it’s an illusion. I just. don’t. lose.

Sometimes winning is it’s own form of losing. As I watched the flames of my fighting rise higher and higher, I tried to retrace my steps and figure out how I opened my mouth when I was being so careful to shut it.

I felt abandoned. I had been trying. I had been asking. Was God listening? He didn’t seem to be helping.


I woke up and I couldn’t talk.


I guess you could be a boring Bob and chalk it up to the cold I had been sporting a few days earlier.  I called my friend to whisper-shout the news of my inability to gab.

She laughed and squealed, “DUDE! God is totally telling you something!”

Now…if only I could listen…

Have you guys been practicing Lent? How’s it going? 

12 thoughts on “Silence in Springtime

  1. oh girl, i've missed you too, and your kids, and your baby–soooo adorable. i love that you've been listening so intently to God. i think that's what this life is all about. shutting out the noise. opening up to him. (love you)


  2. I am practicing something a little different for Lent this year. It was going well at first, but I realize I have let it slide.
    I have such a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I've banned myself from discussing politics online as a first step in keeping my mouth shut 🙂 — oh, how I miss a good argument. Sick, isn't it?
    LOVE your pictures. And your one of the Storybook ride at Disneyland makes me miss that place!


  3. B-I-Z-A-R-R-E
    Been feeling the very same way! Hushed to almost silence.
    I think I am happier facebook free…I even like that near no one reads my blog now that it doesn't link.
    BUT…I miss your voice…SO happy to 'hear it'!
    Thank you for your ministry friend!


  4. so glad to find you in my reader again, friend. and that first pic? i'm pretty sure that's what i look like to the husband, 24-7. we've officially entered the THESIS IS DUE stage, so our goal for the next three weeks is basically “do not kill each other.” such is marriage, yes?

    your baby is a TEN.


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