*asks Shel every time I pick up a Kleenex. No more privacy than a goldfish I tell you.

Just popping in to say hello. Does anyone else get stressed when they have to write the word, “popping”? Because I’m always afraid I’m writing “pooping”, and I NEVER want to write, “I’m just pooping in” for reasons that need no explanation. Suffice it to say, the word “popping” is not a word to be written quickly.

The word “popping” and it’s close relative, “pooping”, remind me of a video that makes me giggle, so I guess I’ll share it with you. Because I’m nice like that. Here:

 I’m sick and so spell check will probably not be a help in making this a quality blog post. I’m doing things like writing “world” instead of “word”. At least I got “popping” right, right?

Tobin started it. He has been sick, and at night he wakes up and cries at regular intervals. I go to his room and he is standing in his crib (because he can do that now) looking adorably miserable. I have to pick him up, and when I do, he buries his runny nose into my neck and mumbles, “Mommmm. Mommm.”

Then I have to give him too many kisses on his face, which makes him mad because he only wants to nurse.

Now I’m sick. I blame the too many kisses/using my neck for a Kleenex.

Wow. That story was cute in my head, but now that I’ve written it down it’s sort of gross. You’re welcome.

Q is sick too, but he just has a scratchy throat. I’m not 100% sure he’s sick for REAL because he may have just been trying to work in a Go Diego Go Marathon today.

He told me that he thinks the reason his throat hurts is because he swallowed a needle when he was younger and it got stuck in his throat.

I can assure you that is NOT why his throat hurts. We don’t dabble in needles around here. I ship my mending off to my mother.

The End.

11 thoughts on “"MOM! WHY ARE YOU BWOWING YOUR NOSE?!?!"*

  1. i'm sick too! boo…. so thanks for the spell-check chuckles. i hope you and your family feel better soon (and i actually think your Q is very good with analogies. i mean, isn't “a needle stuck in my throat” just exactly what a bad sore throat feels like?)


  2. JoAnn! Why ARE you bwowing your nose?!
    I am really sorry you are sick. That stinks. Hopefully you can find some mental simulation along the way, though.
    Thanks for that video. I'm going to be laughing for a long time.
    Blessings on your three cute boys!


  3. may your colds be of short duration but the neck kisses go on and on. Did I ever tell you that in my wedding thank you notes I thanked dozens of china giving guests, “Thank you for the lovely bowels.”?


  4. That poem makes me happy.

    Sorry you are sick. I often think it's a miracle mothers aren't sick every day of our mothering lives due to the runny-nosed-open-mouthed-too-sweet-to-refuse kisses. Hope you're all on the mend!


  5. This is hilarious. Back in my teaching days I did a science experiment using pennies with a grade one class. One student wrote all about “pennies” — over and over again. You can imagine how that one turned out…


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