A Smattering Of Adventures Set To Optimal Cuteness

I was eating Trix cereal for dinner at 8 p.m. because I was at Costco for a million years today, dealing with a wayward cell phone bill. It seemed like a great time for a recap. 
Because sometimes when I’m sitting with a bowl of cereal for dinner, I need to remember the gifts I’ve been given. Isn’t it just human nature to focus on the cereal dinners and ignore the feasts? 
Hold onto your hats people, things are about to get cute.

One of life’s great mysteries (in my opinion) is how this baby learned to scrunch up his nose when he smiles. Also, I would like someone to tell me how to spend an evening outside watching kids pedal around on scooters and big wheels and make dinner at the same time? I’ve only been able to come up with sandwiches. Surely there’s another option (don’t say crock pot).

Of course, I can always decide to visit a friend at 5 p.m. for a play date. “Oh you’re making taco salad?” Don’t mind if I do.

So I planned ahead and put the kids in their pajamas. You know you’re friend was made for you when her kid is wearing undies and a Woody towel. I personally feel uncomfortable when I show up at your house at 5 p.m. with pj-ed kids and your children are wearing ties. Let’s all lower our standards a bit and drink Dr. Pepper. Right? RIGHT?

 Happy Monday. May your week be full of trees to climb and unexpected taco salad.

17 thoughts on “A Smattering Of Adventures Set To Optimal Cuteness

  1. NICE! We had parents in church this weekend with matching outfits on. I mean come ON. Ok. Ok. I was just feeling bad that my daughter got to church with strawberries all over her face and her hair barely combed. I just don't understand how people do it.

    HAPPY DAY! Those boys are so big and adorable!!!


  2. lol love it! on cute overkill now!!! my kids are never in matching outfits! we are the towel no undies, wellies and a hat type of family! its not even a case of getting up earlier either…our day starts at 5 and i still cant do it! matching outfits belong to mothers who also have time to put their own makeup on and who do not look like the local bag women (my favourite look!)

    perhaps they have discovered that time thingy the girl had in harry potter!!

    (just an aside…blogger wants me to change the spelling of wellies to willies! whats that all about?) xxxxxxx

    thank you for the smiles again my blog world friend xxxxx


  3. Cuteness indeed! We eat a lot of pasta around here – pretty much as easy as sandwiches. And everytime someone pops by my house lately, my toddler is running around in tshirt and undies. Ah, potty-training. 🙂


  4. This post definitely warranted that cuteness alert. (And I love the new header! Although I have no idea what “kerning” is. This is why my headers are still in the prehistoric age…)


  5. Oh my goodness! I spend a couple of days away from the internets and you go and rearrange all the furniture. Nice work.

    I hate days when I spend a million years at the Costco.


  6. The dinner thing is still unsolved here, too. I love to take the kids outside at that time of day (so much better than the chaos that ensues when they're inside), but then dinner gets pushed back and it's not unusual for me to feel very cranky once we come inside and I have to get food on the table. I've had some success prepping ahead of time – doing all the slicing and dicing, so we just have to assemble and heat. But honestly? Mostly I'm cranky and scrambling to get it all done.


  7. Eventually I came to the conclusion that quick pan of fried eggs and toast was indeed a supper. It was only a matter of time. It keeps my wife and I sane one day a week (we have 5 kids). Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life so we can look at our own crazy zooey lives and realize we aren't alone.


  8. We are soul mates. If you showed up here at 5:00 Silas would be naked from the waist down and splashing in the kitchen sink. I would be doing something tacoey at the stove. And I would totally share my Dr. Pepper.


  9. 1. now THAT'S a taco salad. i need to get me some salad-making friends to visit. or mayhaps i should start making taco salad for my current friends, but somehow that plan doesn't have the same ring to it.

    2. when one owns a woody towel, all other fashion statements pale by comparison.

    and 3. sandwich=dinner round these parts. also cereal=dinner. leftovers=dinner. pb toast=dinner. and so forth.


  10. Crock pot. Oh DANG!

    What I meant to say was holy cuteness.
    I love everything about this post down to the Woody towel and the taco and the scrunched-up nose and oh my that smile above the basket of Easter eggs…

    But most especially this: There is nothing wrong with sandwiches and cereal for dinner. Food is food.
    Outdoor pedaling is always more important.

    p.s. You can show up at my house anytime. My kids might be dressed but THIS girl will be in pajamas for sure.


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