What You Need To Know About Me Even If You Don’t Care To Know It

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

 Introducing myself:

My name is JoAnn. Do you know what would be fun? If I recapped my evening yesterday. It should be illuminating.

First, I ordered Chipotle for three people online and then I noticed I accidentally ordered my husband a chicken salad instead of a chicken burrito. So I called and fixed the order. Then my husband picked up the food while I made sandwiches for the kids and talked with my friend Polly, who was babysitting. She brought her dog Pipi. Her dog is a shih tzu. Polly is a vegetarian.

AnyWAY the order was totally wrong, but at least they didn’t put meat on Polly’s dish. Then my husband and I left our three kids, our friend Polly, our cat, and Pipi the shih tzu all together. We hiked over to “life group” which is sort of like bible study but less bible study-ish. I wore an owl hat. In the car, I opened a Dr. Pepper and it started to overflow onto my pants. I tried to drink it down, I failed. I held it out of the car window while it dribbled soda. My husband said I looked like a crazy person with my hand holding a Dr. Pepper out the window and my head covered in an knit owl.

We came back at 9  and said goodbye to Polly who text, “The baby HATES me” every five minutes. The baby was still awake. Polly doesn’t like to be cried at.

 My husband stepped in dog poop. Then we went to bed. Well, we cleaned up the poop first. I played Words with Friends in bed, and I am LOSING every game. People who play words like, “QAT” on a triple word space make my head explode.

About My Family:

My four year old drew this. It’s a family portrait, but he chose not to include his little brothers. Q is on the left, with sharp teeth. My husband is in the middle with roller robot feet and a “roger” face. After some investigation, a “roger” is a robber. And my four year old thinks that rogers are cool. Because they fight. I am on the right. I have googlie eyes and…a MUSTACHE. 
Q (my 4 year old) has reassured me that I don’t REALLY have a mustache, but he felt like drawing one. 
Then he drew the cat:

 Her name is Dr. Claw. She is my cat. Q gave her a valentine he made in Sunday School. He gave his mother? Nothing.  Dr. Claw has been stressing me out lately. It’s my fault this happened, but still…

I blog for fun, for friendship, for perspective. I often write about my kids and motherhood. Sometimes I blog about faith and sometimes I blog about my husband’s childhood experiences with stray dogs.  I mix it up.

I am a host for the best online community ever, Imperfect Prose, where we write about brokenness and redemption.

You can follow me on Twitter @funnyostriches.

If you decide to follow me on Facebook, don’t forget to post a photo of you with your link, and I’ll add it to my “Friends of the Ostrich” page at the top of this blog. I defy you to beat the friends I have already at their shenanigans.

And of course, there’s the Pinterest and Google +.

17 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Me Even If You Don’t Care To Know It

  1. Does your head literally explode? Cause that might make it hard to keep the google eyes in place.

    Party on, funny lady. And props on the gig at emily's place!


  2. Ok – I thought I left a comment here last night about the drawing and the mustache. Obviously, I did not. I am on a lot of advil and green tea. Basically I wanted to say that I laughed, but not aloud b/c that hurts, about the mustache story. Because I am sure in about a year, my oldest will be drawing mustache pictures of me. He already likes to point out my “owies” – aka zits.


  3. Hi Ostriches look Funny,

    What a fun blog name. Nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me at my site: http://www.jenniferdougan.com. Whew, your kids dumped the whole bottle of fabreeze?! Fresh yet frustrating. 😉

    It was fun to stop by your site here and hear of your owl hat, small group hiking, and chipotle adventures. I also immediately turned around to tell my husband that “qat” is a new scrabble word. He wasn't convinced since we didn't know what it meant — a prerequisite, it seems.

    Fun to meet you. I enjoy Emily's Imperfect Prose community too.

    Jennifer Dougan


  4. Well, since I already know you, I won't say nice to meet you. But i will say the day I found you in the bloggy universe was such a day of good fortune.

    I love the owl hat. You should wear it loudly and proudly. All the time.

    I still remember the day one of my girls drew a picture of our family. She gave me two rear ends. One on top of the other. When I asked her about it, she told me she wanted to make mine extra big since I had the biggest tushie in our house. Like it was a prize. it was a sad day.


  5. I'm always amused at the drawings my kids bring home of their family. Life through eyes of a child, exhilarating
    p.s I'm usually the loser at my games of words with friends too, I've been challenged to expand my vocabulary through that game 🙂


  6. Ok, so I am totally coming back to read more! We have a lot in common. I have 3 little boys 3 1/2 and under and look forward to spider hunting in the very near future!

    ~ Audra


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