When It Rains, And You Cry, And The Clothes Don’t Wash Themselves

It rained for days. Noses poured, tears flowed, tempers flared and the Mother wished everything would dry up.

I cried on the toilet while I told my husband about the laundry that lurked up on me. I was so overwhelmed by messes. My children were naughty. My house was embarrassing. The boys splashed happily in the shower while I cried about socks.

Everything felt soggy.

I know God keeps our tears in bottles, and there are times I think He must like salt water, with all the tears that the world sheds, each week, each day. We are water.

My children cry over matchbox cars and missed turns and I cry over socks and spills and we all cry for the important things, and all things are important.

I cried in church too, a little bit.

And the preacher said God’s will for our life is to follow Him. It’s not a destination. It’s not retirement, or children leaving home. It’s not a clean, sparkling house or a fresh batch of cookies. God’s will can be found even in the messy places, because He lives there too.

“If you love me you will keep my commandments.”


Don’t just Do.

Be the person that follows Jesus in every place, in every circumstance. 
The overwhelming feeling of failure slowly dripped off, and I picked up a sock and told myself the truth: God cares about people, not footwear and floorpolish.
When it’s raining, and your children are sick and your socks are unmatched and smell like sour earth, be the Mother that shows Jesus love. Your mission is here. Your mission is now. 
Love through the laundry, the tears, and the rain.
Because, Jesus meets us in our mess, on rainy days especially. 

32 thoughts on “When It Rains, And You Cry, And The Clothes Don’t Wash Themselves

  1. You seem to write on the exact things I need to hear. Thank you for continuing to put your heart into words. It's a breath of fresh air. Sometimes tears just need to be cried to move on. Now excuse me while I go cry in my chocolate. Hugs.


  2. I LOVE this post. My heart is dripping and drying out next to yours. It is all a difficult, beautiful, sacred cycle of storming and shining.
    Thanks for sharing. xo


  3. Yes, He does meet us in the mess and I am so grateful. Love that first photo of him playing naked in the water. Just precious. And from a mom who made it through those years of crying on toilets and feeling overwhelmed. It gets better. I promise.


  4. Blaahaaahaaaaaa. Crying again. Boooohoooo. Poor me. Poor us.
    Love you friend. Would it help to know I am there with you? Buried under twenty loads to do?
    Love to you friend!


  5. oh joann. now i'm crying, for the umpteenth time today. i bawled this morning and i felt like such a wretched mother, as i do most days, and i'm so frustrated with my sock situation too. so frustrated. perhaps my socks are pairing up with yours? thank you. for this amazing post. i feel… like i can breathe again. and i agree with brandee. we need to highlight this one on friday. xo


  6. Such relief here.
    You spell it out so well as you let Him wash you with the water of His spoken word.

    Thank you for the extension of grace in these words.
    Grace toward others sometimes begins with grace towards self, I think.


  7. This is remarkable. I wish I had “known” these things (and people) when my children were young, but it's still a good reminder. Today I will “be” more and worry about “do” less. Thank you for this : )


  8. Oh sweet Jesus, can I emaphise with this post (smile). Aren't we all there at some point? And aren't these gorgeous babes worth every inch of the havoc they cause?


  9. some days are just so weary, aren't they? i'm glad He loves us. i'm glad we are His children. i'm glad that someday He will wipe away our tears. and i'm glad that we are simply asked to follow Him.


  10. So hard to do everything that needs to be done every day. But, you do because you are a woman, wife, mother and, you are blessed. Prioritize, get the most important things done, the rest can wait. 🙂


  11. I adore this post. I cried tonight when I got home from babysitting. I am old and I am tired and I love those littles of mine more than ever…but I needed to cry. You make me smile. Your baby Tobin is adorable. He is betrothed to Penelope. I vow and declare it.


  12. Oh man, this is great. I almost cried yesterday over simply being tired and unbathed, and not able to deal with another fight over Legos. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one 🙂


  13. Such a great post and sweet message! I think most of us moms just hear “I cried” and “Laundry” or “messy house” and we can relate! Thank God he meets us even in the mess, otherwise he'd only be at my house when my in-laws visit! 🙂


  14. I'm so glad you say, out loud and on the internet, the things every woman is thinking.

    And here's another thing–lately I've been reading about a lot of people in Scripture who weep and cry out with loud groans and wails. Some of them even get accused of being drunk in the temple. But nary a one was told to get his/her act together and be brave. Which makes me think sometimes crying is the appropriate response.


  15. I imagine all moms can relate.
    Thankfully, He does meet us in our messes and puts them all into perspective in His good time. Today He did that for me. My four-year-old told me he wants to be baptized.
    “Why?” I asked.
    “Because I want to follow Jesus,” he said.


  16. I remember a blog that I used to follow ages ago had a catchphrase that resonated so deeply with me. It seems to mimmick the same sentiment you spoke to here. It was about being mindful of the mission field “in the bunk beds down the hall”. Soggy, salty, sour earth days and all, God is good. And this post reminded me that we can still show Jesus love. Even through the tears. Thank you!


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