Hello Goodbye

You’re hearing it from the horses mouth, I’m taking a little Internet break. It’s hard to explain why…let me just show you:

All this in a month!

Things are busy. Things are full. People are growing out of overalls faster than snowflakes melt and as hard as I try to see them grow…I feel like I’m missing it…so I’m taking a vacation from the computer to see if I can watch their fingernails grow…or something. It sounds like fun to me.

12 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye

  1. we'll miss you, but you are choosing rightly, i think. (and you look irresistibly adorable in that apple green dress with the apple green manicure 🙂


  2. yes yes! go forth and live, i say. and are you feeding your kids sushi? because if so, you have just climbed sky-high on the Scale of Mothering Awesomeness. (and if not, i will confess that you were already at the top of that scale anyway, but you should consider feeding your kids sushi. just for kicks.)

    have a beautiful, restful weekend and beyond, my lovey!


  3. this made me cry. enjoy your beautiful blessings. enjoy these little gifts, these boys so full of love and life. take lots of pictures of their sweet little faces. gonna miss you here.



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