I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Yesterday I innocently ignored the signs and purchased three boxes of Oreos AND a gelato at the grocery store. I thought I was buying the gelato for Derrick since I bought his flavor, which involves the unholy addition of bananas, but I ended up eating half of it.

Today has been a survival day, where I ate all of the Halloween Kit-Kats and felt SERIOUSLY angry that fun sized candy is so tiny. It is not fun at all.

Despite all my hormonal angst, I put on some purplish lipstick in honor of fall and the fireplace, and I tried not to kill people when I caught them KICKING AN ICE CUBE UNDER THE FRIDGE. Perhaps these seem like small achievements, and you could tell me about all of the women in the world who don’t have fridges OR ice cubes and manage to walk humbly with their God and um, not kill people. The thing is, I think you have to start somewhere. Maybe someday I’ll be serving people in a greater way, perhaps something traditional like a soup kitchen, perhaps something Mother Teresaish like Calcutta. For now I’ll take the grace of today, with it’s candy and it’s cramps. For so long I’ve been a roaring whirlwind, throwing hormones all over the house but today I was nice (generally), and the victory of love in hard circumstances can take on first world forms.

It probably helped that I was constantly hearing the name “Jesus” today. My son is 17 months old, and every night I rock him and sing “Jesus Loves Me” to him. Hilariously this has translated to him thinking that “Jesus” means being held. He usually is happy to run around hiding tv remotes in laundry hampers and such but today he felt extra cuddly. Every time he saw me, he would run and grab my legs and beg, “Desus! DESUS!” until I picked him up. The name I heard when I groused my way around the house, feeling angry about most of civilization ,was Jesus.

Sometimes we just need to cry out (and eat a candy bar).

12 thoughts on “I Also Enjoy Pasta…

  1. I just want to bless you there in the midst of the mess and the little boys. You're doing something amazing, something eternal. I love the littlest crying out to be held saying His beautiful name. You really are Jesus' arms to him, you know. Sending you a cyber hug from a Nana who survived the kind of days you're describing and lived to tell about it. Just wait til you have grandchildren. It's all of the wonderfulness without all of the work. 🙂


  2. I love the honesty in this post! I buy things for other people in my house and then eat them. Funsize is smaller than it used to be . . . seriously! Hormones are a @#$#&. Sounds like you handled it well. What a blessing God gave you in your son. And maybe your son is right — Jesus does mean being held. Peace.


  3. JoAnn, I just bought some Halloween candy ON PURPOSE just for me…it was 75% off, what can I say?! It called to me.
    Girl, you are doing an awesome job of not killing people. It reminds me of when my husband told me that his main goal was to not ruin my life. And he is really doing a great job at that!!
    I tell you, those three boys are lucky to have you. I'm glad you get to hear Desus all day, and I'm glad your son things that name means “hold me”. I think he is right.


  4. Hi Joanna (?) at Ostricheslookfunny,

    Oh, I can relate to eating the halloween chocolate and having a grumpy or emotional day. My evening was like that a bit tonight, and I had to text sorries to my man, and stomp up my kids from the downstairs to say sorry to them too. I like your toddler following you around saying, “Jesus” to be picked up. That is probably the perfect response! I think I need to call that out and lift up my arms too. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my post “he Surprised Me.” God throws me for a loop when he does that.

    May your kitkats multiply, and my butterfingers too, 🙂
    Jennifer Dougan


  5. there is some serious kind of perfection going on here. desus? yes, lord, yes… and from the mouthes of babes as well. and hey, we're cycle twins right now!!! must be all that boydom that we even seek out our female counterparts thru the internets. lol


  6. oh man i'm so glad you write. I AM NOT ALONE!!! 🙂 i guess i'm still hormonal postpartum or something (9 weeks+)? cause that was my day today. meltdowns usually are something i accuse my 2 year old of, but today, it was definitely me. when my husband got home, i announced i was leaving & didn't know when i'd be back. (he was ok with this) it's been 4 hours and i'm still just “out”. trying to process what needs processing, but maybe it is more hormonal, and i need to stop worrying about it… 😉
    boys are the best (and SO freaking crazy! how you keep up with 3 is beyond me! my second is only 9+ weeks and i'm already wishing i had kids younger so i could keep up with them – since i'm “so old” at 32 😉
    oh, and maybe it's postpartum issues, too, but i am – for the first time in my life – really digging almond joys!? so strange. we bought a costco bag of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters and only had one family… so i've been whittling away at it (with help), and i think we're down to only m&ms at this point… the progression went like this: twix/milky way/snickers… reese's/almond joy/kit kat… crunch/m&ms. lol that this is even possible. ha.


  7. *I'll gladly take your Almond Joys* Fun size is only fun if you're not hormotional. Or dieting. And, never both at the same time. That never works out for anyone in my house, either. May grace and the word “Desus” follow you around forever and ever, amen. (Especially when ice cubes are kicked under fridges. Cuz that's dangerous right there!)


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