Survival Skills

I wish someone would tell mothers of small people that things will get better eventually. I just spent five hours sorting through clothes. The closets are organized, and 3Ts are filed away with summer 2Ts, and honestly I thought this day would never come.

For so many years I’ve been throwing things in cardboard boxes and then throwing things out of cardboard boxes. Who has time to SORT things?


I have been pregnant or nursing for five years. I have been exhausted and busy and hormonal. Throwing things has been my M.O.

Today I am not pregnant or nursing. I am not hormonal (relatively speaking). I am sorting things and folding them up and rejoicing in the meticulous obsessive closet organizing. So I’ll tell you, mothers of small people, don’t worry about the dump of a house you are living in. Just do the best you can. Throw things if you must. Someday you will be able to sort. Someday you will have time to sweep your floor without anyone starving to death. Someday you will pee in peace (that day hasn’t come for me yet but I’m optimistic).

In the meantime enjoy your children, the closets can wait. Whatever you need to let go of, for crying out loud, let it go. You only have so many hands and you wont regret filling them with kids, they’re much more rewarding than underwear.

9 thoughts on “Survival Skills

  1. Yes ma'am, filling your hands with kids is WAY more rewarding than underwear. Especially when you're potty training. Fist pump for the sorting and sweeping. Solidarity for your optimism towards the thought of eventually peeing alone.


  2. I hate to sort clothes even more than I hate to dust. So I am in awe of your accomplishment. And you are right. We worry so much about things that mean so little. (Love that photo, too 🙂


  3. Yes, I am living this, too.
    Only with a 13 and 15-year-old.

    And it's not the throwing or the sorting; but it is the “taking of time” with them instead the addressing of a laundry list of chores (including laundry).

    Because I already DO pee in peace.
    And pretty soon, I'll be peeing in an empty house.


    Yes, JoAnn.
    Keep throwing, keep sorting, keep omptimisticing.
    (I know that's not a verb. But it should be.)

    You are one smart mama, to be sure.


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