Pancakes With A Side Of Christmas Joy

December makes me giddy and bouncy and tired and excited. I’m a whirlwind of Christmas sprinkles and sometimes the Christmas sprinkles get on the floor, spilling everywhere, and I want to scream at people. Generally though, everything is sweet.

Tonight we wandered off IHOP.
I miss the days when it was called The International House of Pancakes. It sounded so exciting. Now it sounds like a bunny autobiography. 

 I stole the idea from Kelle Hampton. I love pancakes. I also love not making dinner. So the idea of pancakes and hot coco before going to view Christmas lights was a keeper in my book.

I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. The kids didn’t expect there to be hot chocolate under all that whipped cream. I didn’t expect them to order a make your own face pancake that included squeeze yogurt, bananas, strawberries, whipped cream and, thanks to daddy, a ridiculous amount of syrup.

At first it seemed like they might tear the restaurant apart, but eventually the carbs got to them and they settled into a happy, sugar induced lull.

After the most ridiculous meal ever, we went to our local Christmas light spot where we saw about 17 Santas, a billion twinkly reindeer, countless Christmas trees and snowflakes, several Charlie Browns, and Shel’s favorite: an entire homage to the Grinch with about fifteen robotic inflatable Grinches popping out of chimneys and stealing Christmas trees.
I didn’t expect to be so happy. I was sort of in a terrible mood when the evening started, but when we all piled into the car and the boys began to sing Jingle Bells in the back seat, my heart filled with joy. It was the best version of Jingle Bells ever. It was terrible, off key, wrong words, repetitive, sing at the top of your lungs, Preschool Jingle Bells.

I was so happy. I realized again how nice it is to be a Mommy, and I really want to be intentional about creating a happy, fun, loving, twinkle light sugar explosion home. Even if it means sacrificing my preferences, my personal time, or my sleep…it’s worth it when you hear your children sing.

Do you have any easy, won’t make you lose  your mind Christmas Traditions? Do tell!

6 thoughts on “Pancakes With A Side Of Christmas Joy

  1. I love the idea. I sent a text to Maggie today telling her to tell Caroline it was pajama day at Grandma's. She and Penelope showed up in theirs and we wore thema all day. We had pancakes for lunch, a toy explosion, had a tea party, watched Bratz Babies movie 2x and several Christmas cartoons. Cliff napped. Caroline traced her hands on the arm of the recliner…ugh…it came off and we had a great day. I am finally learning to let the messes be until the end of the day. Took me long enough. 🙂
    Glad you had a great night. You made memories.


  2. That's a great tradition! I think I love when we bake cookies, play Christmas music and sing “Feliz Navidad” to the top of our lungs together while sugar is sprinkled all over the floors, counter tops and table. Gingerbread house decorating is a favorite, too. I think because we're all in the kitchen together talking (eating way too much candy) while making masterpieces. My favorites always involve food…


  3. Ooh – I like this idea. We tried to go see some lights last night, but we started at a church with a very boring live nativity thing (sorry Lord- no offense), and then hit one really cool neighborhood before G got fussy.
    We are hoping to revive some traditions this year and start some new. I don't have a clue what yet. 🙂


  4. This brings back such happy memories of being in the car with my dad, just driving around town to look at the Christmas lights. People used to go big back in western Pennsyltucky where I was born. When Dad visited me in New England and saw our reserved, nearly completely white light displays he said, “Don't people up here decorate?”

    A couple of years ago, I took my kids and a friend and her young son to one of those drive through light displays with music. I remember her little boy pointing to a lighted reindeer and shouting, “A cow! A cow!”

    Yep. Seeing all the glitz and glamor of Christmas through the eyes of a child is good for the soul.


  5. There is nothing like some sugar and twinkle lights to bring a smile to a weary mama's heart. We decorate gingerbread houses around here. It's ridiculous, the amount of “decorations” that end up in mouths and on the floor. I don't care – it's worth ever skittle and each sprinkle to see the joy of the creating! Merry Merry Christmas!


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