Money Shot Monday: Coffee and Counters

I turned my back for just a blink and there he was up by the sink
His face declares, “It ain’t no thing! I drink mom’s coffee! I’m the king”
And so, dear friends, this is my Shot
My Monday Story
My Monkey Tot

Linking up with Shannan for Money Shot Monday.  I know you already saw this if you follow my Instagram feed but what can I say? This sums up my day.

OR I could have taken a photo of when he climbed on the table to unwrap Hershey’s kisses, OR I could have taken a photo of when he walked into the shower and through the house with wet socks and stole my deodorant which is still MIA, OR I could have snapped a photo of him sitting in the bathtub, in the dark, brushing his teeth with SOMEONE ELSE’s toothbrush, OR when he was taking all the lids off of his brother’s markers (his brother needed to be faster putting them away) but frankly, one photo is all I have energy for. Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “Money Shot Monday: Coffee and Counters

  1. I died when I saw this pic on fb. It reminds me of Moses, you know, the robot. He always finds our coffee cups and drinks them. In the morning he walks up and says, “you coffee mama? I want you coffee.” He is a robot… for sure.


  2. Silas keeps begging me for his “own da-yoder”. He is also the one who, as we were leaving a restaurant after having breakfast about a year ago, dashed back to the table, grabbed Cory's coffee cup, downed it, the nonchalantly met us back over by the door. Say WHAT?!??

    Love your monkey tot. And mine.


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