My Wish For You And For Me

Here’s to finding the magic in the ordinary things. Here’s to bug eyes made from kitchen appliances, children at Christmas time, your Father’s socks on his feet by the fire, and the way a regular cup of coffee tastes at five in the morning.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, but I mostly want you to have a Merry life, no matter what is happening. If you are in the ER with your child, if your house burned down, if you have the head cold from hell, if you have credit card debt because you had to restock your ninja turtle collection, my Christmas wish for you is peace. I pray you can dial down the drama and find joy in the way the sunlight filters through the trees and the way your measuring cups line up Just So, ordering the flour in a dependable way, promising cookies or breaded chicken. Unless you are on a diet, in which case I pray you enjoy the possibility of perfectly measured smoothies and long walks under glowing moons. I hope you know there is Someone who is even more dependable than measuring cups, and he loves you always, everywhere, and in between. In the coffee and in the lack of coffee, He loves you.

“Praised be to God for all sides of life, for friends, lovers, art, literature, knowledge, humor, politics, and for the little red cloud away there in the west.” -G.K. Chesterton

12 thoughts on “My Wish For You And For Me

  1. such good good things you have written, here. i am grateful that God loves us in the haves and the have nots of this life. wishing you all things bright and beautiful, all things great and small, all things wise and wonderful, in the new year ♥


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