Someone Has To Make The Small Things Sparkle

I hoard fingernail polish. I buy the cheap kind and I buy the crazy colors made for 13 year olds. Why not?
Before I went to bed last night I tried to paint my fingernails a sparkly purple and I succeeded. Now my fingernails tell me I am still young and pretty, even if my hair hasn’t been washed in a day or three. If you have a hard time feeling good about yourself, might I suggest nail painting? It seems to work for me.

I forgot to tell you I turned 31 about a week ago. When I turned 30 I freaked out, and that day was full of resolutions to fully live life. I mean, 30 is the edge of the grave right?

 I think my 31st year was heralded with more grace and satisfaction. We ate cake on Lightning McQueen plates and I got to listen to two rousing editions of Happy Birthday and I loved every second of it.

This year I’m less concerned about action and more concerned about atmosphere. I will paint my nails, I will make things lovely even if they’re small things.  I will hug people who cry, I will feed people who are hungry, I will read them stories when they need more wonder.

We can all do this, right here, right now. I have times where I still want to run away to Europe and write angsty novels in a cafe while drinking coffee and smoking unfiltered cigarettes (don’t we all?).

In reality I’m enjoying the honor of creating an entire world for three little boys. They haven’t dreamed of Europe yet, and they don’t enjoy angsty novels. They do enjoy the simple things. Things like bubble baths and babies, New Year’s Parties that end at 9 p.m., fresh crayons, sticker books, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snicker doodles and a New Year’s resolution to keep the cookie jar full (apparently it requires me making cookies every other day), trips to the zoo, trips to the farm, winter sunsets, and lots of hugs from their mother who has sparkly fingernails.

So here’s to full cookie jars and stuffed animals, to the primary colors and the smell of melting wax. Here’s to Elmer’s glue, matchbox cars, and Raffi in the morning.

“Wherever you are, be all there*” and make it sparkle.

(*quote by Jim Eliot, but I added the last part)

12 thoughts on “Someone Has To Make The Small Things Sparkle

  1. I love your posts, they make me feel like everything is right with the world, to be thankful for the simple things . .like sparkly nail polish. I painted my nails for the first time in years at Christmas. I felt different.


  2. Happy belated birthday! I love fingernail polish too. I don't paint my nails, but I do my toenails. My new fav is this bright turquoise I just got at the dollar store. It goes on just right and only needs 2 coats, and has staying power. It makes me feel like summer, in the cold of winter.


  3. I just love this! Trust me when I tell you have miles to go with happiness. I'll be 51 this year (WOW!) and it just keeps getting better. Sparkle all the time.


  4. I think you've improved Jim Eliot's quote immensely. And I love what you're creating.

    Wait until you hit fifty, you young then. Cause then you get to be eccentric. Like me.

    Maybe I need some sparkly nail polish too.


  5. I'm a nail biter, so I don't much polish. Polish gets between my angst and me. What should I do, lovely sage? I do sometimes paint my toenails. I use 60 second polish only, for that job, b/c I am clumsy, and so is everyone else in my house.

    Also, I HATE stickers. They end up everywhere. I can't take it.

    I do appreciate Raffi.

    I recommend highly those cran-pistachio cookies on my Pinterest “Tried It” board (if you like pistachios, that is) b/c they are really tasty and very easy (since you use a Betty Crocker sugar cookie packet and are thus spared of putting several things in the bowl).

    Happy Belated Birthday…I love you…the end.


  6. May this Birthday month be filled to the brim with cookies in the cookie jar, memory-making, AND sparkly nail polish! (And, I think your perspective on story-reading adding wonder is brilliant!)


  7. Love it! I usually put some ginormous earrings when I am feeling blah-ish. I look foolish with nail polish. This is probably because I turned 31 in June. I am your elder and all.


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