Disneyland Questions

We are going to Disneyland, in the middle of a flu epidemic. Technically it hasn’t hit California yet, and my children have had their flu shots…but I haven’t. So guess who is going to spray the hotel room with Lysol and bathe in hand sanitizer?

We had Disneyland season passes this last year because Derrick is a Disneyland freak, and I’ll admit it was fun to just pick up and go. Our passes will be expiring soon, making this our last trip.

 In the past we have taken the baby and it’s worked out fine. He’s really a pleasant happy fellow. We’ve also had a great time just taking the older two. It’s much less work, but it’s also missing a little bit of cuteness. I would like to take baby just to get a great family photo, but then I remember that right now Shel has the world’s most awful looking rash. It’s not contagious, but I’m sure we’ll give the other Disneyland parents a thrill when we show up with a spotted, red child. Maybe I should make him wear a shirt that says, “I’m not contagious!”, because that wouldn’t make him need therapy later.

Every night I go to sleep deciding to take the baby. He’s almost two, and he knows what’s going on in the world. He is also obsessed with cars, and I think he would love Cars Land. He’s such a happy baby, he wouldn’t be much trouble. He loves adventures.

Then 4 a.m. rolls around and he wakes up and I think, “NO. WAY.”

Nothing is worse than a tired, sleep deprived family at Disneyland. Unless it’s a tired, sleep deprived family with the flu at Disneyland.

So what do you think? Should I take the little guy with me or send him off to Grandma’s?

12 thoughts on “Disneyland Questions

  1. He's almost two. Take him and take a back pack. It's sure to be tons of work but if you are going for them, conserve your energy, focus and enjoy. Stop the world I want to get off.


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