I’m Back, Jack! (Disneyland Trip 2013 Part 1)

The Man Cold and the Worst Nurse in the World
The day before we left, our bags packed and lined up by the door, my husband felt sick and stumbled into bed.

He didn’t have a fever, he wasn’t throwing up, but in the morning when the little boys ran into our room squealing, “It’s Disneyland TIME!!” he said we couldn’t go, he was just. too. sick.

Everyone cried.

I wasn’t sure what to do since we had shipped our giant dog and our small baby off to Grandma’s already. At about ten o’ clock I went into my husband’s room, had him take a brief survey, felt his forehead, and dragged him out of bed.

 I drove us through LA. I don’t like LA traffic. Also, I hate to say it but LA is one of the ugliest cities. It has it’s beautiful parts, but in general it sprawls along like concrete married asphalt and then threw up.

As cars cut in front of me, I announced to my husband that I was going to start a new trend of polite driving. I cheerfully made room for any and all blinkers and my husband said the movement would die with me and we were going to hit traffic if I didn’t hurry up.  Humph.

When we arrived I took the boys swimming and after about five minutes my husband arrived at the pool, feeling much better. We decided to risk going to the happiest place on earth with Derrick and his mystery disease.

We rode Splash Mountain, which is my boys favorite ride. They get very nervous every time, and I know they like it because they feel brave afterward. It’s their dragon, their 3 and 5 year old challenge. If you can ride Splash Mountain, you can do anything. My 3 year old hates to get wet with an undying and fiery hatred so I was nervous to let him ride it at night. Imagine our surprise when he reached the top of the drop and threw his little hands up in the air.

The next morning my husband felt worse. I announced a new Disneyland rule, “if you aren’t puking or feverish, you can take some DayQuil and muscle through it”.

After I had wrestled him onto the Peter Pan ride he announced he needed to go back to the hotel room. I think I may have called him a sissy. The point is, later that night he did have a fever and I felt bad, but I also was very nice and caring once I knew something was actually wrong with him.

Quinten decided to go back to the hotel with him, which I should have seen as a sign, but Disneyland clouds your judgement.

The Mouse House
I just had Sheldon with me, and the whole theme park was at our finger tips. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said, “I want to ring Mickey Mouse’s doorbell.”

So off we went, to ring that rodent’s doorbell. Along the way Shel “flew” because he was wearing a Peter Pan hat and the crowds parted magically for him. Adults would shout, “LOOK! It’s Peter Pan!” and he was thrilled to his toes.

There was a dark side to the Peter Pan hat. When I got it for him I thought it would be perfect but I forgot to factor in how fastidious my 3 year old is about his outfits. That feather. THAT FEATHER! He kept bumping the feather on me, or the wall, or the wind. Then he would have to take the hat off and “fix” his feather, which involved pushing it against the…feather grain?
You know what I mean.
Four hours later we made it to Mickey’s house.

My friend called this shot “Peter Potter” on Facebook. Also, notice the buttoned collar? Shel refuses to wear his shirts without ALL buttons being buttoned. 
He truly believes that these creatures are the real deal. He gave Mickey a huge hug and it was so cute I almost forgot to take a picture.

It was the highlight of the trip.

Poison Is For Cowards
The next day, Quinten was sick. He had a fever and I only had chewable Tylenol tablets for children. They were bubble gum flavored. Q decided they were inedible. I made him eat three. A few minutes later, he was throwing up in our hotel room bed.

Q and I sat around in the hotel the whole day. It was boring. I got really good at playing Cut the Rope.
When Derrick got back he noticed that we were in the bed he had previously claimed as his own. “Wait a minute,” he said, wheels turning,”why am I in the barf bed?”

I started to explain that I needed to put our son somewhere while we changed the sheets but he was convinced this was part of my plan to torture him for fun, starting with dragging him off to Disneyland with a cold flu and calling him a big baby and shoveling DayQuil down his throat.

The next morning Q was feeling better and since he only threw up once, Derrick and I determined it was caused by those darn chewable tablets. Derrick went to Target to buy rain ponchos because it was raining. I was completely ready to go home. We had been there for what? Three days? I didn’t even know. Two people had fallen ill, my feet hurt, and now it was raining and Q still had a mild fever. Instead of packing our bags, Derrick decided to solve the fever problem by buying more medicine, this time the drinkable variety. Unfortunately he bought cough syrup.

“If you give him that he’s going to fall asleep on the rides,” I said during our morning telephone conference.

“NO! I don’t want to be asleep! I want to go to Disneyland!” shouted Q.

I got off the phone and calmly announced that Daddy had bought the wrong medicine and we only had chewable tablets. I also announced that there was NO WAY I was going to allow my 5 year old to go to Disneyland with a fever without medicating him first. I mean, bad parent much? I have my standards! So Q could either take the medicine or go home. If he didn’t take the medicine, we were going home. The end.

Q took the medicine. He knew his mother wasn’t messing around.

Derrick called again, “Okay,” he said, “I bought a red drink that has fruit in it and it’s supposed to be good for immunity and it doesn’t have a lot of sugar but I think it will still taste good…”

My husband is very detailed. I started to daydream, vaguely wondering why it was necessary to explain all the finer points of this beverage when his next words jolted me into reality,”…so I was thinking I will crush up those Tylenol tablets and put it in the drink and then have Q drink it…”

“I already gave him his medicine,” I interrupted, “I told him if he didn’t take it he wasn’t going to Disneyland. Poison is for cowards.”

A few minutes later Derrick showed up with four ponchos and two umbrellas. By this time, the rain had stopped, which was lucky for me because the poncho Derrick selected was canary yellow with an image of Mickey Mouse emblazoned on the front.

“Is this revenge for making you sleep in the barf bed and force feeding you DayQuil?” I asked. He claimed it wasn’t, but I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Even though it wasn’t raining the boys still insisted on wearing their ponchos AND holding their umbrellas. Of course. So we walked to the park, ready for hurricane conditions, praying for fun.

As you do.

10 thoughts on “I’m Back, Jack! (Disneyland Trip 2013 Part 1)

  1. You guys are troopers! I feel I must share to Disneyland stories. We would go once every two years or so when we visited family out west. We hit the park from before the gates open until they kick us out. I don't know how to Disneyland any other way (well, until I had kids – then I calmed down a little). There was the year when I was small when StarTours was very new. Our plan was to run to the ride as soon as the gates open. However, I tripped and fell and all of my family (father, brother, aunt, cousins, etc.) KEPT running LEAVING ME behind. My mom did come back for me. That is how my family does the happiest place on earth.
    The Hubs, native SoCal boy – does not understand how to do Dland that way. The day before our wedding we went w/ my family and friends – and I have yet to stop hearing about how bad his feet hurt on our wedding day because I MADE him go to Disneyland. 🙂


  2. Also, my family stops for one meal at disneyland – lunch at an off time. The rest of the day we survive only on Churros and over-priced Cokes. My husband's family sit and eat actual meals throughout the day. I about had a heart attack the first time I went to the park w/ his family because we were missing prime ride time.


  3. You bravery astounds me. Your husband's willingness and ability to pull himself up by his Dayquil bootstraps is admirable. Your willingness to try it again one more day is even more admirable. The Peter Potter pic is precious and will be so bribe worthy one day. I'm glad you all survived and have bright yellow ponchos to prove it.


  4. Whenever I've given my children chewable pain and fever tablets they've thrown up afterward, regardless of what illness they had. I've decided it's the tablets…


  5. Hello, my friend! Oh, so much to say, here, but numero uno, your little man has to be one of the most beautiful proper-looking young chaps I've ever seen. My goodness, his dapperness is bowl-me-over charming.

    Your re-telling of your Disney trip hurt my sensibilities in every way mainly because I haaaate Disney. As you know, I live right around the corner from the Mouse here in Orlando. We have year round passes and just about every weekend, we are trekking over there. In fact, there are some young ladies who've been begging me to to today. Ick. Crowds, heat, foreigners w/no concept of personal body space and lines all are not appealing things to me. Add rain, sick babies and a man flu to the mix? No thank you. But how could you not have a good time with those sweet, beautiful boys there showing you the magic? That picture of Shel with Mickey is a treasure, a solid gold keepsake. So gorgeous.

    And I love the boys survivalist mentality. They are rigged up good. That fortress looks like it could withstand a monsoon. They'd do well in Florida during the summer afternoon downpours. And yes, we have the yellow ponchos, too, a must have for Disney World.

    Glad you had a semi-good time!


  6. You are an adventurous lot! My favorite part was:

    “Adults would shout, “LOOK! It's Peter Pan!” and he was thrilled to his toes.”

    Good for Peter Potter 🙂


  7. I want to go with you on any future holidays. You are the best! In other news I am FULL ON denying my own illness as I've missed too much work for sick kids and can't miss work for myself. Just faking it…medicating it…hoping no one notices.


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