I’m Not Always The Bluebird of Happiness, But When I Am I Use Exclamation Marks Excessively

I didn’t want to take my son to school today. It’s dreary outside and I have a head cold and hair to match. I dragged myself out of bed and threw the other two children in the car without shoes. They were still wearing their pajamas. I loaded children, arguing with the three year old for the 11 millionth time about the tightness of his seatbelt.

 I took a deep breath and collected my feelings. I calmly announced that if everyone put their seat belts on, they would get a treat. That worked, and at 8 a.m. I was handing out Skittles.

“Why do you have this candy mom?”

“I have it for special occasions,” I announced.

“Today’s not a special occasion,” replied my older-than-he-should-be, often cynical, always logical 5 year old.

“Yes it is,” I replied, “its TUESDAY!”

He smiled and munched on his treat. Suddenly the day seemed brighter. I sipped my coffee and drove along. Suddenly I noticed some of those stinky trees were in bloom.

“LOOK!” I screeched. I still sound like a troll from this weekend’s cold extravaganza. Everyone admired the blossoms, white and bridal in the dark grey sky.  We rolled along, me with my haphazard ponytail, and the three year old wishing aloud to be turning two instead of four this year.

“When will I be two again?” he asked wistfully.

“NEVER!” I announced enthusiastically (thanks, coffee!), “you’re only two once, and then you’re only three once! You have to enjoy each year! Every year is different and it will never be the same, it’s a gift, so have fun being three!”

Everyone in the back seat ignored me, as they often do when I’m spouting early morning wisdom. However, the pep talk helped me and I sailed home to make a crock pot dinner, clean up about the house, and sing along to The Music Man (world’s best musical ever world without end!).

It’s going to rain today. I have a RIDICULOUS amount of laundry to fold and an even more RIDICULOUS amount to wash. I can barely talk, I have to blow my nose every two seconds, and I still have crust in my eyes. It’s a glorious day! The best day! A special occasion!

So, eat some Skittles! Be obscenely cheerful and annoy your children (they secretly like it)! And don’t forget to blow your nose!

I’d also like to take this moment to thank my husband for taking care of the boys and the house while I languished in bed all weekend, watching home improvement shows and randomly declaring “WE HAVE TO GET A NEW COOK TOP!” at random intervals. In appreciation for his hard work, I’m sharing the above photo of him, because he doesn’t like it when I show this one:

Mwahahahah! Love you Derrick!

10 thoughts on “I’m Not Always The Bluebird of Happiness, But When I Am I Use Exclamation Marks Excessively

  1. Best. Post. Ever! (Exclamation points are catchy!) Tuesday is, indeed, a great day. Especially when there is plenty of kleenex in the house. Glad you're feeling more peppy. And that you had skittles on hand.


  2. Yay for Tuesdays! And Skittles! And coffee! And littles! And musicals, although I love Sound of Music, Les Mis, Wicked and My Fair Lady a little more than Music Man. Just a little, though.

    Did you get to use the pretty Valentine-y tissue cover? I wouldn't wish a cold on you for anything, but that would be awesome if you used it. Sorry. That still doesn't sound right. Get completely well soon!


  3. My kids have yet to taste the rainbow. Not b/c we are healthnuts – but bc I always seem to have chocolate chips on hand for a quick pick-me-
    Glad you are on the road to recovery.
    We are on our longest stretch of health for months here – I hope I didn't jinx it.
    Also – Music Man is good but what about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? That is my favorite (I think) and of course, Sound of Music.


  4. So glad you are feeling better! Being the sick mama is NO fun. Your Skittles trick is brilliant. And yes, The Music Man, is the BEST musical ever — my husband and I met doing it in college. I was Marian (before I was a real librarian, and he was one of the salesmen on the train). My women's choir group is singing “Till There Was You” this season, too.


  5. Oh girl. Oh dear.
    I loved this too much.
    Then I got to the pic of your Mr. and I thought, “Isn't she the one who posts that hilarious pic of her husband hurling a dodge ball?”
    And then, yes, you're definitely the one.


    Feel better, friend. And I still need to respond to that article. I keep thinking about it. I'm SO DANG TIMELY!


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