Happenings and Hawks on Tuesday

Tonight, after baths, my oldest son asked me to make his hair spiky with gel. I said I would, because long ago when I was young and dumb I promised myself I would let my children dress and do their hair however they liked. It hurt though, because five year olds with hairstyles seem infinitely older than five year olds with little boy haircuts.

He explained his vision by saying, “I want it like Noel’s,” and I secretly cursed Noel’s ridiculous parents for allowing their soon to look like a teenager. Imagine my shock when it was revealed that he didn’t actually want spikes, he wanted a…MOHAWK.

Stupid Noel’s parents.

I bit my tongue and gave him his request. He made faces at himself in the mirror for a good five minutes. Then he ran around the house.

He declared the Mohawk made him faster since it’s a spike in the middle. Physics. Darn physics.

Darn everything.

I nursed my wounded motherhood. I mean, he is a baby with baby curls in my head. He barely started to eat solids. Didn’t I potty train him yesterday?


As I spiraled into a deep, dark, depression he came up and sweetly asked me to fix  his hair, “The middle of my ‘Hawk is falling down a bit…”

And since he called it his ‘hawk, I almost fell over laughing and realized it’s just hair, and maybe growing up isn’t so bad. He wasn’t nearly this much fun as an infant.

In other news, the children played outside the entire day. I think half of them have pink eye, causing me to suspect my eye virus was really the Dreaded Pinky. However, goop eyes never stopped anyone from having a good time in the dirt. Every year, when the weather changes, I wonder how I survived winter. Boys just seem to be so much happier outdoors. They played for almost four hours without a fight. It was bliss.

Right now Sheldon is singing “And the tikki tikki room” over and over again, and the grime of the day has been washed away. I can’t remember all the funny things they played, but they included a surprise party where they threw berries in the air and sang about confetti and a fishing expedition where Sheldon caught a whale.

Today was full of sunshine and chatter, lots of trucks and dirt and sticks. Today was a blast.

8 thoughts on “Happenings and Hawks on Tuesday

  1. This whole post makes me smile – from Mohawk to tiki room. Cole became obsessed w/ spikey hair/Mohawks thanks to all of the time we spent w/ the young adult group at church.
    PS. Thanks for the prayers. I am doing fine – not going to let one person's opinion keep me down. We had a great day here at our house.


  2. I love your header photo! Your boys are so cute : )

    Motherhood and the passing of time are complicated things. I wrote a post on Monday expressing some similar thoughts, except I'm the mom of girls and they're grown now. My perspective has shifted as I see the years in hindsight. Just know that every season brings something new to love (and to challenge us!) and those little people you fall in love with stay tucked away inside the grown up adult child. Here's my link if you want to read-


    Enjoy your day!


  3. Boys ARE so much happier outside. My 13 year old has been playing out in the snow for as long as he can stand it. There is even a snow fort in our front yard.


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