Invisibility is Impossible

There are days I wake up knowing I should tell you something, but often I don’t. Instead I wonder why I need to write a particular thing, and since I never figure that question out, I never write it.

But, this morning I’ll tell you what I think I should be telling you. Hopefully, I’ll tell it in a clearer way than that last sentence because Holy Time Change Batman!

This morning I woke up and cursed the clocks and took the boys to preschool and consumed a lot of coffee. I called my mother and texted a friend and prayed a little. The whole time I kept thinking about the God who Sees.

His name is El Roi.

He sees you. He sees the offenses that are made towards you, the times you are abandoned and misused. He sees when you are hurt and marginalized and mocked. He sees when you feel alone, when you feel lost, when you feel hungry and misunderstood. He sees.

So if you’re feeling abandoned in the dessert, alone and unaccounted for, just know that our God is the God who sees, and He loves you. You don’t have to fight your way out, or give up in despair, someone sees your trouble. He is where your help comes from.

He will hear to you when you call, he will not abandon you for His name’s sake. He sees your hurt. He is El Roi, the God who sees.

Genesis 16:1-15

5 thoughts on “Invisibility is Impossible

  1. Writing this on my mirror: “You don't have to fight your way out, or give up in despair, someone sees your trouble”
    The fog is lifting these days for me, but so good to be reminded that He sees it all. Every little (and big deal) thing.


  2. My very favorite name for God. Some days, my entire prayer life consists of walking aimlessly around my house saying, “You are the God who sees.” True story.

    And, boy howdy, things have changed around here. Guess I haven't been around much. Must stop by and visit more often. Now I'm going to scroll down and see what else you've been up to. And what Shel wore, obviously.


  3. This is so beautiful. One of the most meaningful studies of the Bible was on all the names of God. I can still remember most of them with their meanings and what the circumstances were when God revealed the name. Yes, He's the God Who Sees, our Righteousness, our Provider, and so much more.

    I thought I was in the wrong place when I first came here. 😉


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