Monday Madness

Today I thought I would take some photos of the boys for Easter. I was hoping to have one that was frame worthy, so I included Starburst jelly beans in my photo package.

It did not go well. IT DID NOT GO WELLLLLLL!!!!!! (she screamed)

In their defense…they tried…sort of.

I was very snappy. I think I told my five year old that his smile looked ridiculous, but I’m not sure because when I think back everything is RED.

We came inside and I still felt boiling mad. I tried not to speak. I knew I needed a coffee break and an attitude adjustment, so I put on Mr. Rogers and brewed some coffee. Now I’m sitting, drinking away my feelings while “There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You” plays in the background. Things are looking up.

I’ll confess that I turn to Mr. Rogers for my own sake. He has a calming presence.

I’ve spent the day sorting clothes. The past days have been  in the 80’s and I have a 3 year old who marches to the beat of his own fashion drummer. Shel loves to dress himself, which SOUNDS like a blessing until you realize that it takes him 45 minutes just to pick out his pajamas. And heaven help us if he can’t find the pants that “go wif” the shirt.

I know he’s bound to put on a winter wool turtleneck and insist on going to school dressed for a polar expedition IF the option is presented to him, so I decided to shuffle the warm clothes into the boxes. OF course it looks like rain now that we’re all in t shirts. OF COURSE IT DOES.

I also seem to have an ant hill growing out of my stove. Ants are my snakes. Ants are my spiders. So I’m having an exterminator come tomorrow which means I have to empty my kitchen drawers and cupboards. I’m also supposed to make decorative cookies for the preschool Easter party on Wednesday. I was going to make sugar cookies, but now, at 4:17 p.m. on a Monday Afternoon, I’m thinking sugar cookies wedged between a call from the exterminator will break me.

Long ago (okay about three months ago) I decided the only thing that REALLY mattered was my children having a loving, gentle mother. If that requires three hours of cartoons and 14 cups of coffee, so be it. We have to start somewhere.

If love and gentleness requires absolutely no Easter photos, fine. If it’s store bought cookies with poison dye sprinkles…okay. I’d rather kill my children through processed baked goods than…wait. No. I mean…

I’d rather be a less than perfect pinterest mom with a caffeine addiction and kids who don’t have a single photo of their childhood than an angry mom who is always on the brink of insanity. There are many ways to say “I love you” that don’t involve baking or professional photography.

So Happy FREAKING Monday people.

12 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Wait! I found it!

    Anyway. What I said on Facebook. And I too have a boy who didn't transition well between the seasons–had to wait until he wasn't looking to confiscate the seasonably inappropriate apparel.


  2. I totally did it while he was at school. I'm still working on the baby's stuff, who is moving in to 2T and breaking my HEART. Still, Sheldon and clothing are a love hate relationship. Today he wore a t shirt, and over that? A button up plaid shirt which he insisted on buttoning all the way to the top, as is his custom. He wore brown cords that didn't relate at all to the shirt to my way of thinking, and on top of that he wore a star wars sweatshirt that clashed so much with the plaid that I think it was actually cool. He seems to have hipster in his blood…


  3. Oh, I feel you here. I can look back at Christmas pictures and remember how mad I got at my two when they weren't doing what I wanted them to do. I even got aggravated this Christmas with grown children. It was the best picture ever. I should have relaxed.
    You're a good mom. Even on the days when you feel you aren't. Hugs.


  4. The answer to your photography dilemma is something called the “beloved session” (Google it!) where you move away from portrait/posed images and let your kids be themselves w/in the same frame. Typically, they won't all be looking at the camera at the same time. I wish I were there; I would totally take photos of your kids for you. They wouldn't be professional, by any stretch of the imagination, but we'd have a good time and eat jelly beans together. And you're right: nothing's so important as a happy mommy, whatever that means. Love you, Girl.


  5. You may be frustrated, but your blog is a good time for me every time I click over. LOL! (Of course, I'm a Nana with grown kids, and I can send the grandbabies home to their mama and daddy.)


  6. I would have settled for “Beloved Session” but in every photo someone was making a goobie face. I am good at taking photos kids at play, not good at directing kids to actually do what I tell them.


  7. I, too, believe in poison dye cookies and three hours of TV if it means I'll deal slightly less RED and more peach-ish with my littles. Hoping your Tuesday is WAY better? And that the snakes, no – spiders, no- a_ts are all gone!


  8. I appreciate your posts, and am always thrilled to see them in my email! I am so grateful to read input from another mom who realizes that if it's not the end of the world/an emergency, then there is no need to act like it – but, yet, still messes up! You don't know me, but I feel like we're working out this motherhood thing together. 🙂


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