Easter Pictures Round Two: Dog Edition

I tried to take Easter pictures again last week, because Round One wasn’t soul crushing enough. I couldn’t help myself really, it’s Spring and I was at the farm surrounded by honey bees and almond blossoms. It was optimistic weather. Plus, I had my mother with me.

We loaded the boys into the mule and drove down the dirt road. We set them in the orchard and handed them dandelions and told them to smile.

The result was 2/3 magical, 1/3 toddler attitude, but since I happen to secretly love toddler attitude, I called it a win.

Especially in light of the other pictures we took. Not only did we have to contend with grumpy and uncooperative children again…

We also inadvertently brought four dogs with us for the photo shoot. Behold, the dog photo bombs of the day (include the one above. Sherlock seemed rather intent on being included in the picture, and he’s not even MY dog).

It’s rather frightening isn’t it?

Sherlock again. He posed himself.

In other farm news, the boys found a big, white, dead, owl in the silo. It was a sad day. But also? An exciting day.

I have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating that my mother keeps chickens. And she loves them. She talks to them. So when she saw the white owl she immediately thought, “MY CHICKEN!”

We’re all having a good laugh about it. Instead of the usual chicken assassination, this killer took the time to hide the evidence in the silo instead of just scattering feathers across the lawn. Cracks me up.

Happy Monday to you!

9 thoughts on “Easter Pictures Round Two: Dog Edition

  1. Dog Photo Bombing. Maybe that could be a new “thing” you get started? That photo of the 2 boys smiling and the third getting his Grump on is adorable. It looks like I have the same kind of luck with getting decent photos of my kidlets as you do yours. Happy Easter!


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