On Grandma’s Birthday

It’s getting hot here. The pansies are drooping and the dog is panting and shedding all over everything.

I live in a dark house because I have a big porch (which I love) and big trees (which I love). I don’t love the dark. So I try to liven things up with cream furniture and white accents and you know, that’s stupid. Especially stupid when you have three little boys and a giant black Great Dane.

my house. it’s shady man.

If you know me, you know I don’t let little things like reality cloud my vision. Recently I went on a “We need patio furniture!” campaign. My husband was against it. I found a lovely outdoor sectional with (wait for it) cream cushions. It would look awesome on our porch. I mentioned it incessantly. My husband argued that the dog would eat the sectional and then he would be forced to murder the dog for eating a thousand dollars worth of cream cushions. I argued that the dog was PAST eating things. She’s a year old now, she hasn’t touched a shoe in weeks, blah blah blah.

Then I was skyping with my friend and she suddenly said, “Um, is your dog eating something? I think I just saw something large fly up in the air.”

I turned around and looked out on the porch and GUESS WHO WAS DESTROYING my really old futon from IKEA that (wait for it) also has cream cushions.

The dog. Ate. My. Futon.

And that’s how I didn’t end up with patio furniture.

Anyway, it’s hot. I watered my flowers and hunkered down in my nice dark house, cleaning out the toddler’s bedroom and sorting through his clothes. It took me around 2 hours because he kept asking me to read “Little Blue Truck” to him. I read that book at least 15 times a day. He finds me. I’ll be just crawling out of bed and he’ll run up to me with the book, chanting, “BU TUCK! BU TUCK!”

Then, after the cleaning session I ate an avocado stuffed with chicken salad, a sprinkle of lemon juice and a massive amount of pepper.  I dreamed about the tomatoes and strawberries that are waiting at the farmer’s market this week. I pulled a few weeds in my succulent garden and made a mental note to buy more lavender plants for around the pool.

That’s when nothing could ruin my day. Whenever you’re able to make a note to buy more lavender, the world is your oyster.

7 thoughts on “On Grandma’s Birthday

  1. With the exception of my kitchen, I live in a dark house, too. I don't have any illusions of making my living room brighter by using lighter colors. It would be mud colored in two seconds. So, I've learned to embrace the low light…except when I want to take indoor pictures. I'm glad you didn't buy the furniture to have it destroyed. I don't know that I've ever seen that type of succulent. Gorgeous.


  2. Boy oh boy, Anonymous sure loves you. Your house is so cool, no pun intended. I mean seriously, I love your front yard. I wonder if there's any nonedible patio furniture out there. It was pretty awesome watching futon fluff fly into the air behind you. Skyping with you is fun. Let's do it again soon. Changing the subject, I was hoping to send a good anonymous quote. Mine were only boring ones about Louis Vuitton bags. But I'm keeping my eye out.


  3. Your front yard is awesome and Quinten looks so big! Give those boys a hug from me please!
    Our dogs chew up new shoes. Sorry about the futon, that sucks!
    Have you tried the Vineyard Farmers Market off Shaw/Blackstone? I am in love.


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