What Shel Wore: It’s Udderly Awesome

I used to have Instagram but then I lost my phone and so here I am, taking photos with a camera like it’s 2006.

I haven’t replaced my phone yet. Let’s not talk about it, it’s too boring to recount. The point is, instead of continuing my #whatshelwore series in the cool way, I’m back in 2006 with my Zune (okay, no, I never had one of those…KAYLA)

So, without further ado, I give you what Shel wore:

It’s my old cow costume from…hey! 2006! No kidding!

I wore it to work that year, udders and all.

I never tell Shel what to wear. He always has a clear vision. Sadly, today is a day where I can’t lift a coffee cup without sharp pain in my rib cage, and he made me help him into this costume three times before he decided it was a keeper. What you wear during morning cartoon time is so important. It just sets you off on the right foot.

Too bad his mother was saying very bad words about cow costumes in her head, because, you know, putting an over sized adult cow outfit on a 3 year old isn’t easy in the best of times.

Not to worry, I held it together and then called my mother, who is a saint and deserves a thousand chickens on a golden hill for all her help. She’s been here all day. Because of her, I’ve been able to take some medicine and sleep. Soon I’ll be off to the doctor to complain and demand a miracle. I have been sick since…2006! No, not really, just since MARCH and no, it’s not getting old at ALL. Last time I went to the doctor, they gave me an x ray (normal!) and told me to take a heavy duty pain medicine for pleurisy and rest. Ha. Ha. Ha.

This is not possible, I have cows to dress.

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