Hamster Hurricanes

original artwork entitled “IT’S BEDTIME ALREADY GEESH!”

I love my people, I really do, but tonight they stayed up until 10 p.m. giggling and sneaking out of bed to “blow on the hamster so it falls out of it’s wheel”.

 I remember sneaking out of my bed to party and eat bean burritos I had hidden under the couch (true story), so I let the hamster torture slide. Poor Hamstie, running through a hurricane. However, it got old around…8:30 p.m.

None the less, there they were at 9:45, messing with the hamster. I knew they were in there because small children cannot blow air out of their mouths without spitting. Suddenly, the “silence” was broken by Sheldon crying very, very loudly. Hamstie had bitten him. Tragedy.

“I forgot the wuwel (rule) and put my finger in da caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!” he cried.

I kissed his little finger and told him he looked delicious and he smiled through tear filled eyes. I kissed his cheeks. I like to kiss away his tears, it’s a high honor only a few will possess.  I scooped him up and carried his ridiculous, party animal self to his bed.

I walked the fine line of firm and friendly tonight. I tried the scary roar “GET IN BED ARGHH!” but it only worked for a few minutes, and frankly tonight felt like a hamster hurricane night. So I let it slide and prayed fervently they’ll sleep in tomorrow.

Some nights you just have to turn a deaf ear to the spitting sounds in the play room. You know?

10 thoughts on “Hamster Hurricanes

  1. oh, friend. my boys routinely fall asleep around 11 pm. i'm constantly tired and cranky. but we don't have hamsters, thank goodness. then they'd surely be up til 2!!!!


  2. aarrrrghh. i left a comment and it disappeared. is it comment moderation? anyway, it was a great comment so i hope you got it. if you didn't, suffice it to say that i ADORE that whale and i think you should immediately write a children's story to go with it and then get it published so we can all read it.


  3. well i've missed your blog, and i've loved following your on IG and FB. i had to come over here tonight and get some ostrich love. and you never disappoint. your writing is so tender, even through the humor. again {because i know i've said this before} i think you are a wonderful mother.

    and i love that whale, too! did you do that?



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