Things I’ve Learned In June

Let’s spend some time together today, shall we? Hop on your big yellow bee and let’s talk about life! To get things rolling, here’s a very exciting picture of myself and a list of things I’ve learned in June:

when you take a picture and realize later you have MEN hanging over your head…

1. If you order anything for your children that has to be delivered by mail, it will be 9000 times more exciting. Shoes. They got shoes. Their mother ordered them a half size too big on accident, but they refuse to take them off. They even tore up the advertising that came in the shoe box and passed them out as “world tickets”. It was better than Christmas…well…almost…and now I have two passes to Snow World.

2.  Walking Dead is too scary. I spent the whole time SCREAMING at the television. Who rides a horse into a city full of zombies? WHO? And if you saw a bunch of burned out cars headed OUT of the city and the freeway INTO the city was empty enough to ride a horse on, wouldn’t that be a sign? WOULDN’T IT!

3. I am a total hermit. I need a LOT of time to be alone with my thoughts or I get very stressed. I usually feel badly about this, but I’ve decided to stop and embrace it. Solitude is a Spiritual Discipline…

4. Unless you’re alone watching Walking Dead. Then solitude is just very, very stressful.

5. If your 2 year old sleeps in for the first time EVER, your 5 year old will wake up before dawn just to keep things normal.

6. It’s always nice to start your day with a trip to your vegetable garden.

7. Cherry tomatoes and coffee are a gross combination

8. Every morning, after coffee, I eat a cherry tomato off the vine. It’s an exercise in optimism…and I have no self control when I pick cherry tomatoes.

9. If you put a rake near a swimming pool and turn your back for a second, a 2 year old will throw it in. It’s a law of science.

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8 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned In June

  1. I have learned that I STILL love your blog (no surprise.) And I completely and wholeheartedly agree with everything you said about the Walking Dead. I simply cannot watch it without having a minor heart attack (so I don't watch.) Also I think you might be very handy to have around in an apocalypse. And we could always eat your cherry tomatoes…


  2. This is fabulous! And yes, ordering anything is more exciting than shopping for it. I thought the exact same thing when I tried watching Walking Dead w/my son.


  3. Your lessons in June were fabulous. Mine were of the growing old kind. Bummer. The kiddo waking when the other sleeps? It is definitely a law of science. You're still cute even with MEN over your head.


  4. Walking Dead has given me more nightmares than any other show, including, I think, Sister Wives (which is a very close second). I know you think I'm kidding b/c you always think so, but I'm not. I have to leave the room when WD is on.


  5. What is this “Walking Dead” business you speak of?

    What did I learn in June?
    I can paint a ceiling. But not without splattering mass amounts of paint in my hair.
    That's about it.


  6. Our June has been full of afternoon thunderstorms. I've discovered I love them, even if it's turning my tomato plants yellow. #2 I agree–tomatoes and coffee do not mix unless you mix the tomatoes with toast, bacon, mayo, and lettuce. Then coffee on the side is just fine. #3 I love people, but I'm still an introvert who needs solitude. #4 You already know how I feel about The Walking Dead. I ❤ Daryl.


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