Notes from Thursday

Today the boys made treasure maps. Then they marched around the front yard looking for Thumb Rock. Sheldon wore chaps…around his neck. I wish I had my camera, but you’ll have to imagine it. Our neighbor came out to investigate and he kept asking Sheldon, “What are you supposed to be?”

This line of questioning frustrated Sheldon, who marched away with a silent dignity unexpected from a person sporting leather chaps as neckwear.

Q kept trying to drag the huge shovel from the garage so he’d be ready to dig. Sadly, in our neighborhood there is no where to dig holes without hitting sprinklers. He also became frustrated. We found no treasure today. We also were unable to find Thumb Rock.

I ate all of Derrick’s Hot Tamale candy…but I left the last one, as a token of my affection. I guess I only ate it “all” in a general sense…like when you had to estimate in 2nd grade? I’ve never been good at measuring. One means none, most means all, don’t let the calculus book hit you on the way out…

I spent way too much time with the two year old arguing over a squirrel in his favorite book.

“Ohh! Dat a mouse!” he said, pointing to a grey squirrel in a tree.

“No, that’s a squirrel,” I replied helpfully.


“No..that is not a mouse. See it’s fluffy tail? It’s a squirrel”

“Fluffy mouse.”

“No,” I retorted, and turned the page quickly.

He grabbed the book and flipped it to another page that didn’t have ANY rodents in trees and started to say, “Dats a mouse!” to the now invisible mouse.

I gave up.

he’s a force to be reckoned with…

We are trying to put the kidlets to bed now. I just heard a little voice call out from the hallway, “YOU ARE GOING TO MEET YOUR DOOM!”

Bedtime. It’s going well.

4 thoughts on “Notes from Thursday

  1. Reading the summary of your day, I am able to laugh at our own mini-tyrant exacting her vigilante justice on her brother because he mistakenly called her pink polka-dotted raccoon – a squirrel. Sigh… If it weren't 8 in the morning, I'd say “Pass the wine, please!”.


  2. Hahahahahaha, THANK YOU for this episode of adventure-world, Hallum-style. “Thumb Rock” is a very good name. Did they make it up? I remember when my daughter was in the treasure-hunting stage. I buried some pennies in the back yard, just deep enough to be believable (but not deep enough for the sprinklers.) She and her friend went out there with trowels and thought themselves quite rich with found treasure (they still remember that day with great fondness 🙂


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