Baby Steps to the Chocolate Muffins


 Last night my baby took two steps to his Daddy. It was something I wanted to write down. I wanted to freeze it in time, carve it onto a tablet and hide it in the desert for an archaeologist to find 3000 years later. It was important. The closest thing to permanent is the Internet.

 In honor of Nolie Polie’s first steps, I fired this blog thing up again. Huzzah!

   Nolan is getting big, and he has always been big. He was almost ten pounds at birth, which I feel is rather unfair because by your fourth child you already feel time slipping through your fingers and you’re in no rush to graduate your babe from Newborn diapers because THEY GET MORE EXPENSIVE and because Babies Don’t KEEP. Anyway, now he has reached the age where I am getting to know him, which is my favorite thing. Having children and watching them grow is like meeting a new friend. A new friend that will challenge your every decision and forget to flush the toilet and basically force you to keep the coffee industry in business, but still.

  Sunday, we took a Costco trip as a family and he saw Derrick putting chocolate muffins into the basket. He watched them soar over his head, like brown, plastic wrapped bits of heaven, and something inside of him said, “Eat that!”, so he started to sign, “EAT! EAT!” furiously. The muffins continued to travel past him and he signed more frantically. He wanted to eat a muffin! When we completely ignored his very clear and very desperate request, he burst into tears and would not stop yelling until we had hidden the muffins under some bread. Having never tasted a muffin OR a piece of chocolate, it made me wonder why he got so excited about them. That’s the fun thing about having an almost one year old: You can actually SEE the wheels turning. Metaphorically.  We now know that Nolan would really like to try a chocolate muffin, if the opportunity arises. I think this is a good sign that he and I are going to get along fabulously.

It’s extremely hard to start blogging again once you stop, because in my case, the blog was like a diary. Things have HAPPENED. I could tell you all the things that have happened, I could try to reintroduce myself and update you on all the important things in my world, but I used to read a lot of Nancy Drew books. Do you know what I hated? How in every book there was always a wasted page of “who is Nancy Drew, and what color is her convertible?!”

She was always fabulous. Her hair color did vary, but now that I am old enough to know that there are many ways to say, “Strawberry Blond” I realize that the hair descriptions were just a ghost writer’s way of finding some creative freedom. Since I read Nancy Drew constantly, I was always so annoyed to have to re-read things about her I already knew (and know to this day). Carson Drew is a lawyer! Her mother is dead! HER HOUSE IS GIANT AND HER BOYFRIEND IS NED!

To honor my frustrated fourth grade self, I will skip the recap. However, if you are so inclined and (ahem, Uncle Wayne, ahem) don’t use Facebook or Instagram, I have included a long pile of photos for your viewing pleasure. Consider them my Nancy Drew Recap page.

Here I am! Still a burnet, my boyfriend’s name is still Derrick, I still drive a suburban and love coffee BUT I have two cats now, two love birds, four children, two beta fish and a Great Dane…and I am homeschooling now. 

6 thoughts on “Baby Steps to the Chocolate Muffins

  1. Well, you are back. I look every day and have been disappointed time after time (I know I could go on Facebook, but I refuse), so thanks for all the photos. Now don't wait for months to publish again. OK?–Uncle Wayne


  2. You are one of my favorite things I ever encountered in this while blogging gig.

    Glad to see you here (although thankfully I DO follow you on Instagram and Facebook).

    This has me smiling big today. For what it's worth. XOXO


  3. I got you started with all those cat posts you re-read, didn't I? (And I agree, the photo part of blogging feels very tedious now.)

    Also HOW do you look 10 years younger since the last time you blogged?

    And I may have to catnap that kitten…


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