Partners In Crime

Wednesday Night Bedtime Routine:

  • Step on a toy car with your bare feet in the dark: Check
  • Investigate the mysterious shadow that is moving on Sheldon’s ceiling: Check
  • Give everyone a snack and water and then more water and then gummy vitamins: Check
  • “Mom, I brushed my hair so I wouldn’t sleep on hair tangles”-Explains Q, who was mysteriously in the bathroom for 20 minutes. I have four times as much hair as he does and the last time I spent 20 minutes brushing it was…NEVER : Check
  • Play a stupid game called “BedMouse” where everyone has to stay in their bed and not move until morning. When Tobin seems uninterested add a candy bar as a prize: Check
  • Sheldon needs to know what second place gets, add a sticker for second place prize: check
  • Sheldon needs to know what third place gets. Announce third place gets nothing, they lose. Eyeball Tobin while you say this: Check
  • Sheldon thinks third place should get a high five. Agree with him, because WHO CARES GO TO SLEEP: Check
  • Put Tobin to bed again: check
  • Put the kitten away, because he is trying to eat Tobin’s ankles every time Tobin gets out of bed and causes Tobin to shriek with laughter down the hallway (not helpful): ….no the kitten is missing. there is no check for this one.
  • Look frantically for the kitten, who has gone missing. Find him in Q’s bedroom, about to attack your 8 year old’s sleeping face: check
  • Put the kitten to bed in the laundry room: CHECK
  • Think about how stupid kittens are: CHECK CHECK
  • Listen to Tobin cry hysterically about wanting water from his bed. He is now dying of thirst: Check
  • Give Tobin water while firmly telling him that the next time he yells/gets up will be detrimental to his health. Watch him start giggling hysterically. Ask him why your thinly veiled threats are funny. Listen to him tell you how funny the kitten (who is now meowing) is: Check
  • Tuck Tobin back into bed, because now he is scared of beds. Pat his little curly head and say goodnight. Feel lucky for having such a cutie patootie in your life, but also pray fervently that he sleeps in past six tomorrow morning: Check
Total Time Spent: One Hour

4 thoughts on “Partners In Crime

  1. We are and always have been a kitten free house. I did raise daughters though, and they bring their own kind of drama. Your boys are too cute! Sweet dreams!


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