Rainy Day Advice

I love rainy days, because we haven’t had any for so long. Each rainy day seems like potential and hope and a rare opportunity to wear pajamas all day and read under blankets.
Today it rained and HAILED so the boys were in weather heaven. I learned today that Kitty loves the rain, and loves hopping in puddles. He is such a strange kitty. He goes outside a lot because otherwise he is trying to kill us. When he is inside he likes to sit on top of the bird cage, which gives life a bit of a thrill. We live on the edge at this house.

My house seems to have reached a happy bursting point. I’ll be honest, during the warmer weather a lot of the pets hang outside. The dog sunbathes all day and the birds live on the porch 24/7. Now that it has rained and HAILED everyone has moved inside (except for Mr. Kitten Singing in the Rain Astaire). It suddenly feels like I am an animal hoarder. Of course we add four boys to the mix and it feels like I am a LIFE IN GENERAL hoarder. If it breathes, bring it over.  Come sit on my bird cage, we have tons of plastic swords to go around.

I love this USUALLY. I love the chaos and the shrill tweets and the dog hair and the cheerios all over the floor. This last week though, I was sick. Everyone was sick. I watched a lot of home improvement shows. I finally stumbled out of bed and looked around and thought, “I NEED NEW FLOORING!” and then I thought, “IT IS TOO MUCH! SOMEONE TAKE THIS HATEFUL KITTEN OFF OF MY HANDS!”

I spent a good half hour trying to think of a way to say, “To a good home: Kitten that always tries to eat you” in a fun and peppy way that would make someone say, “YES! I have always wanted to die by kitten, send him over.”

Then I did what any normal overwhelmed person would do. I cracked open a can of chicken noodle soup (YucK) and then I organized the living room bookshelf by color. Suddenly everything was right in the world again. The next day I organized the play room and the NEXT day I organized the Legos. I spent HOURS digging around for tiny Lego hands. Legos are the worst.

Anyway. If you suddenly find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the two love birds, two cats, two beta fishes, a Great Dane, and four little boys, I suggest you ignore that feeling. If you feel like renovating your house after binge watching HGTV it might be prudent to ignore that feeling as well. Instead maybe you should take a tiny corner of your messy wonderful life, and fluff it. Spruce it up. Organize it by color. Not your whole life, because that would be obsessive…just a tiny corner.

This has literally taken me YEARS to figure out.

Now the boys are playing with their lego guys who suddenly have HANDS and my books are a rainbow. Life is good.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Advice

  1. Ah, I remember what it was like to live in a real house. Now, as senior, senior citizens we get to live in an ILF with one tiny living room plus a bedroom of equal size. The nice thing about it is that there is no room for anything so we got rid of most everything. Of course we could not have done that when we had four kids at home like you do.


  2. We did a four-room switch a couple months ago. Every single person who lives here got a new bedroom, and Jim and I got an entire room for a closet. I do not know how this is possible, but even though we did away with the playroom, everyone upgraded. Everyone. I wish we'd done it ages ago. Also, as it turns out now that he isn't working but I am, Jim might be a better housekeeper than I am. At least, he's a better kitchenkeeper, and kitchenkeeping is so important. Oh, and now that we are completely broke, we are throwing away more stuff than we are bringing in, and I'm liking that. Up-sides, always.


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