Cookie Exchange House Tour

The baby woke up at 3:30 a.m. and I don’t know why, but I do know that he went back to bed at 5:30 and so did I. Thankfully Derrick handled the other natives while I slept in, and when I arose I had to immediately start making 3 dozen cookies. This. Is. My. LIIIIIIIFEEEE (Oprah voice).

My friends always host a Bunko Cookie Exchange and I take my pen in hand today to tell you that I went this year.
So, this morning when I got up, I needed to make 3 dozen cookies. Before 1 p.m.

Obviously they would need to be bars. It crossed my mind to call it in go to Trader Joe’s because they have the best Christmas Cookies (capital C!) but I figured I had time to make a double batch, one for me and one for the party. Fast forward to 45 minutes before the party where I am throwing bars into the freezer to cool them fast so I can put the chocolate frosting topping on them. I realized I needed to resign my uniform of sweats and a sweatshirt and like, look human. I got dressed. I put on makeup. Then I couldn’t find my belt (essential).

I got to the party on time. I was wearing Derrick’s belt and a nice comfortable poncho because COOKIES. I proceeded to lose at Bunko. It’s my own personal Christmas tradition.

My hostess friend had recently moved so I decided to ask her for a tour of her home. It was such a fabulous house! Behold! Proof that I don’t get out of the house enough:

Cheerleader pose in front of the tree with the friend I invited to Disneyland and then LEFT at Disneyland because everyone in my family started throwing up in the middle of the night, but then we forgot our clothes in the hotel so this same friend had to retrieve them from us. This was in November. I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY CLOTHES KAYLA.

The hostess with the mostess and I. 
I am the only one that fit in this one

If anyone else has recently moved to a new house and wants me to take photos in the bathroom let me know. Finally, I present “Other Things That Have Happened Today”:

Derrick decided to make ribs for the first time…while I was trying to make three dozen cookies. I was saying a lot of, “Please move your ribs!” while I frantically tried to soften butter.

When Shel found out we were having ribs for dinner he wanted to know if they were HUMAN RIBS. Seriously. That is the trust level in this house. The six year old wonders…

Then we didn’t have ribs because they weren’t ready but we did have company so we made chicken nuggets for the kids and the adults ate pizza. 
We played Bean Boozled and I am too lazy to link so just google it. Basically Jelly Belly roulette where some flavors are normal and some are disgusting. Tobin was unfortunate enough to select “Skunk Spray” and I wish with all my heart I had video taped it. 
We then played Settlers of Catan with the adults while the children made a giant mess and probably took selfies in the bathroom. Anyway I lost. And now it is 11 p.m. 

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