Vizzini Dies, JoAnn Rants, Republicans Dance

Today I watched the live stream of the Republican National Committee and lost my mind, and I forgot that Facebook isn’t Twitter and sort of live tweeted the whole thing on Facebook, which I am sure is confusing.

Then for extra dork points I made my husband watch “highlights” of the world’s worst political convention, and he was less than excited but he suffered through. Then his only response was, “I hope Jesus comes back soon”.

I hope Jesus comes back soon TOO but in the mean time, can’t we like, do something? Where is Batman? Or any dead president. I had suggested that zombie Lincoln would be a good alternative to ANYONE on the ballot, but then my pal NANCY pointed out that even Nixon had more character than any of these candidates. That’s about when I started hoping Jesus was coming back soon…again.

Meanwhile what’s a girl to do? Continue ranting on Facebook, because it makes me feel “heard” and then maybe on my blog, to be “heard” again. Continue giving my poor husband political updates when he is out of care, because we should all be informed, even if it’s killing us.
Speaking of killing us, the upcoming election has me feeling like:

My friend Maggie sent that too me and it cheered me right up. The Princess Bride get’s how I’m feeling. I’m not feeling depressed, just extremely frustrated, and mildly amused because it has been THAT ridiculous.

In other news, today I went to my friend’s house and ate a salad the size of my entire head and THEN a piece of apple pie. It felt like Thanksgiving for salad. It also made me ask myself, “Are my portion sizes generous enough for guests?”

I wonder if anyone has written an ebook on proper portion sizing for company.

What have you guys been up to? Has anyone else gotten sucked into the live stream of the RNC and subjected themselves to SO MUCH BAD DANCING? SO MANY MINUTES OF BAD DANCING. It made me forget all the news of the day, and now you’re stuck with politics. Perhaps you’ve already picked your poison and find this post offensive but can we all agree that the dancing was ridiculous. If I am ever at a televised ANYTHING promise me you will remind me not to dance. Sure it will feel good at the time, but it wont be worth it. To be honest I’m kind of wondering if this post is going to feel the same way later. Ostriches are usually so NOT political. They are usually sticking their heads in the sand. Will I have to change the blog name to, “Disgruntled Elephants Look Funny?” These are consequences I don’t have time to look into, because I have a firm time limit on this thing, in case you didn’t know. If I question myself I don’t have time for spell check.

please feel free to click on the clip below if you have no idea what The Princess Bride is:

2 thoughts on “Vizzini Dies, JoAnn Rants, Republicans Dance

  1. I thought the actor who played Vizzini died! My favorite Princess Bride scene. 😉

    I don't even talk about politics nowadays. My son does enough for all of us. He's well informed so I always ask him what's going on to get the condensed version. Yes, Jesus. Come quickly.


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