The kids are working on their magic tricks. Doesn't that sound adorable?! It is...for about five minutes. I am a captive magic audience, and I have seen a certain five year old cut off his finger about seventy times today. I told him that if his finger got sore I would take him to the … Continue reading Magical

Christmas and Cats

  It's┬áthe worst time of year if you're a cat in a Christmas-y house. The tinsel, the tree, the wrapping paper. They hate it. Last Christmas, Ghost Cat was still living up to her name and she didn't go near the Christmas tree. She spent her days and nights wailing in the hall and running … Continue reading Christmas and Cats

Merry Christmas Ostrich Peeps: Flip Phone Edition

It's time for my bi-annual post. Ha. Right now we are taking a school break so here I am to update you on the latest happenings! It's five days from Christmas and I have wrapped one thing. I've outsourced wrapping to Shel, who has an unfortunate tape addiction. These gifts are ready for Fort Knox, … Continue reading Merry Christmas Ostrich Peeps: Flip Phone Edition