Merry Christmas Ostrich Peeps: Flip Phone Edition

It’s time for my bi-annual post. Ha.

Right now we are taking a school break so here I am to update you on the latest happenings!

It’s five days from Christmas and I have wrapped one thing. I’ve outsourced wrapping to Shel, who has an unfortunate tape addiction. These gifts are ready for Fort Knox, but instead I’m giving them to people I love, like my mother.

Speaking of my mother, she’s wonderful. She took the children after two weeks of everyone at my house having the flu (I was needing a break). She sent them home with used cell phones and hot cocoa that was apparently FOR BREAKFAST TIME. So…every silver lining has it’s rain cloud, as they say.

Today I threw those cell phones on top of the fridge. The kids kept charging them in various wall outlets, playing old cell phone games on it (Deer Hunter?), and screaming into them. They were screaming into them because they think Siri is omnipotent in cell phone world, even a flip-phone cell phone world.

I hope you have a merry, flip-phone free Christmas, filled with hot cocoa for breakfast.


p.s. I have joined Snapchat, mostly because some of the filters make me look 20. My username is joannmhallum. I should take a picture of my barcode thingy but that’s the nice thing about having a personal blog, you can be lazy with your social media networking. Anyway hang out with me there if you want to see riveting videos of Tobin looking like a bunny.


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