The kids are working on their magic tricks. Doesn’t that sound adorable?! It is…for about five minutes. I am a captive magic audience, and I have seen a certain five year old cut off his finger about seventy times today. I told him that if his finger got sore I would take him to the doctor. He looked at me with concern and said, “Mom, since you are so worried about it, let me tell you how it works.”

Basically, adorable.

As a tired parent, you’re always vaguely aware that you’re blessed and lucky to be in the presence of such cuteness. However, often I just want to take a nap/be alone/eat cookies without sharing. It’s a struggle to be present. I admit that I failed many times today, especially during round 70 of the “pen through dollar bill” trick with Shel. I will also admit that I managed to look shocked and amazed about 11 billion times today, and I’m out 65 cents because Shel CHARGES for his magic shows. So really, as with many things in life, it’s sort of 50/50. Not completely fabulous, but not terrible either.

I’m trying to think of a word for 2017. So far the word is “Abracadabra” but I don’t really know where to go with that yet, so I’m still waiting. I love choosing words for the year. I don’t know why. I suppose I have a habit of labeling everything. I like to name plants also. I even name fish, depsite the fact they are going to die any minute, as fish do. Fish are the worst.

I guess I’m comforted by names and labels because it helps me feel like I know what I’m dealing with. It’s pretty much an illusion, because looking back, I never know what I’m dealing with.

I said 2016 was “the worst” today on Facebook. It’s not. It had plenty of fabulous moments, and plenty of terrible moments. Like many things in life. My camera roll from the year captured many of the glorious parts, and very few of the laundry pile, stomach flu, missing sock disasters. Thank goodness for cameras.

Moving into this year, I’m going to try to embrace the mystery and the magic of the unknown. Even if I name the unknown something like “Abracadabra!”img_2186

Do you name things like years and fish? Share your best ones and I’ll add them to my file.

One thought on “Magical

  1. I’ve never named a year – but I always like the IDEA of naming a year. I can’t remember if I’ve ever named a fish. But I DO talk to the geckos that I rescue from the cat, as they grip my finger and look trustingly into my eyes (I think they think I am the lizard queen or something.) I tell them they need to avoid extreme sports like cat-baiting if they want to grow up to be big geckos. So there’s my confession of personal weirdness for today. You’re welcome.


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