Seize The Day, Not The Tiger

I took the boys to the zoo today. All four of them. It was perfect zoo weather, cool enough to make the monkeys sing in the morning. True story, I thought the monkey singing was the kookaburra because at the time we were in the Australian bird exhibit and you know the song.

“Kookaburra sings in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bushes he…”

Yep, no. It was monkeys. Remind me to take you on my educational safari zoo tour sometime.


In related news, I called the turtle a rabbit. In my mind I thought TURTLE but my mouth said Rabbit. This happens when you have kids. You think, “Insert oldest child’s name here” but your mouth says, “I’ll just say the dog’s name”. This is how therapists stay in business, so I’m chalking my behavior up to being a good capitalist.

Anyway, as we perused the zoo we stopped for our traditional nachos. We somehow got into the habit of buying nachos at the zoo. Aren’t little family traditions like that the best? I like Christmas but I have a sneaking suspicion the kids will remember Zoo Nachos more vividly than my half…donkey-ed attempts at Advent Calendar activities.

zoo nachos

I amused myself by chasing the 2 year old, forcing him into the stroller like a screaming, writhing 40 pound bag of angry potatoes.

Unfortunately, the giraffes were feeling…Spring-ish. It’s a lot to see, frankly, and at the time it felt really unfortunate. It made me realize that nature documentaries are probably edited for nudity. Thankfully the kids were also interested in watching the rhinos, but I’m not sure why. The rhinos were just sitting there, sunbathing and not doing anything indecent. Perhaps the kids are onto something and the year 2017 will bring a preference for sleeping rhinos over scandalous giraffes.

After escaping the giraffe situation, I thought we were safe. However while we watched the tiger majestically pace along his cage, he sprayed the woman in front of us. Sadly, my only and strongest thought was, “Glad it wasn’t me!”

Once we got into the car to drive home, the smell of goats (residual Petting Zoo fun) permeated the suburban. We made it home, alive and smelly. Isn’t it funny that when you really embrace life you usually end up stinky and exhausted? Something to keep in mind the next time you smell like a goat and you need seven cups of coffee: you’re probably really living! Go you!

Seize the day, but stay away from tigers!

happy times with my sis before giraffes and tigers

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