Falling into summer

I would celebrate summer and throw my hat and the children’s text books into the air, but we’re still creaking along and we can’t celebrate officially yet. Every now and then a squeak of anticipation squeezes through, past Tobin’s unfinished math book, and we splash in the pool and forget WE ARE NOT FINISHED.

For example, tomorrow Q has a handbell workshop at 8:45 a.m. and I have a missing library book, but all I can think about is flowers. This is what my life has become. This is why I have a rusty blog. The children are growing and I decided to make their education my responsibility. It’s a dream to be able to homeschool the kids, but it’s also a dream to finish and throw away worksheets and schedules. I’m not good at transitions. I’m also a terrible juggler, just let the ball drop.

I just looked out the window and saw the seven year old in long sleeves and sweatpants. It’s 91 degrees outside. This is how my life goes now; I have kids who are trying out for Youth Orchestra in the fall and yet I cannot seem to get everyone appropriately dressed.

Shel is playing the classical guitar. Now he is growing his fingernails out…on one hand…in order to play a chord. Just one hand. We are going to call him Wolverine, and Wolverine will play flamenco for us on starry summer evenings. It’s a metaphor for my life. One hand is manicured but I have to let the other hand go in order to play anything. That’s why I haven’t folded the laundry yet.

Things I am good at (manicured hand):
Filling the bird feeder for the house finches
taking children to activities
buying too many plants in May
drinking coffee

Things I cut corners on:
cleaning my house
making Tobin finish his math book (for the love, why is he taking forever!?!?!)
updating my blog

So there are some things I’d like to grow better at over the summer. I might be a crappy guitar player but I know a good idea when I see one. What about you? Do you have a list of things you work at and things you cut out? Want to move stuff around on the list? Let me know in the comments (or don’t. does anyone write comments anymore?)

9 thoughts on “Falling into summer

  1. Wonderful to know that you are homeschooling. I wish more parents would do this. And to think that I spent my entire working career in public education.


  2. I’ve missed you and this.
    I’m good at planting flowers and then forgetting ones in obscure places and letting them fry in the boiling sun.
    I’m good at coffee and QVC shopping.
    I’m great at running a Roku and managing 5 shows at a time.
    I’m not so good at keeping a blog alive, reading without dozing or training a dog not to try to bite at your feet as you walk when he’s excited.


  3. I’m so happy to see you back on the blog. Slice of life blogs are still my favorite! I’m working on a summer bucket list of sorts. We have loads of company all summer (spring and fall) here so finding balance and a bit of quiet are tops on my list. Hope that math book is finished and you can call it officially summer soon!


  4. Loved this! And I’m jealous of the dang carrot. I’m not good at growing those, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. I good at tomatoes 🍅


  5. I am good at making homemade dog food which has apparently become my life because my dog is allergic to everything else. I am also good at sitting next to the dog and drinking tea or coffee, when I can get the dog to settle down (a thing I am not very good at.) I am good at worrying about people I love, which is a thing that accomplishes absolutely nothing so so guess that goes on the unmanicured list. As for gardens, I am good at taking photos of the few plants that manage to grow and survive in this climate with very little help from me. I’m very good at making them look beautiful in a photo, though, which must make them feel pretty good about themselves.


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