Popping in

It’s 8 p.m. and I just made five grilled cheese sandwiches for three boys. They had dinner earlier: chicken, rice and zucchini, but that was before swim practice. They’re basically human eating machines.

I personally didn’t eat before swim practice (besides the zucchini because summer zucchini is delicious) so when I came home I ate two slices of cheese. Living my best life. Havarti forever.

Everyone under 30 in my house has a tan and nice muscle structure. The people over 30 in my house are eating cheese slices and needing a hat because sun causes wrinkles. As if it’s not too late.

In other news, today I made jam with my friend Sabrina. Somehow we managed not to set the kitchen on fire or burn anything. I’ll let you know if the jam works out. It’s the first batch of the summer and I’m dealing with apricots again. I gave myself a 3 year break after the apricot overload that took place when I was pregnant with Nolan. I canned gallons that summer. It still stresses me out to think about it. I find jam making extremely stressful but that just means I’m always overjoyed to hear the pop of the cans sealing and to see the golden orange glow of apricots turned into a sugar goo. Related: I pulled a shoulder muscle carrying a ladder in the fruit orchard. Basically I’m full of cheese and out of shape, but I made jam so I’m still proud of myself. Also five grilled cheese sandwiches after dinner is an accomplishment somewhere.

This is my life now. I run around, throw food at people, and run around some more. It’s pretty exciting.
How’s your summer going? Any favorite cheeses?


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