A Mama Hen’s Heavy Burdens

Some days, the heaviest burden you have to bear is a chicken with questionable hairstyling.Then there are the days where you have a two hour Doctor appointment with two kids. It's enough to drive a person to drink.And just when you think you can't take it anymore, there are poo poo problems on the back … Continue reading A Mama Hen’s Heavy Burdens

Guest Post at Imperfect Prose

I told my friend Emily a secret thought of mine in an email and she asked me to write a guest post about it on her blog, Imperfect Prose. So I told my secret over there tonight, and I told my reason for hope.Please go over there and read it, and be honest but understanding … Continue reading Guest Post at Imperfect Prose

When Two Happens

On the eve of his Birthday he danced in circles and laughed as he fell down. I watched him run ahead as we walked the Farmer's Market, and soon his face was stained with samples from cherries and strawberries. He shared a bag of mini donuts with his brother, who wouldn't share with his mother, … Continue reading When Two Happens

Disneyland Confessions: Part 2 – The "MeMe"

Welcome to Part TWO of my exciting recap of my exciting trip to Disneyland...with two kids...while pregnant...and the kids were sick...Anyway, here's Part ONE if you missed it.In the midst of all the packing and preparing, I made sure I had matching bright shirts for the boys to wear each day. The color I was … Continue reading Disneyland Confessions: Part 2 – The "MeMe"

A Message From My Laundry

Inside the house smells like maple syrup, but we are outside, hanging clothes on the line.Q is standing with an action hero in hand, explaining to me how his little-plastic-man-who looks-very-much-like-a-helicopter-pilot, is an excellent skateboarder. I can't see him from behind the towels, but I nod my head seriously and muster up belief. Of course … Continue reading A Message From My Laundry