The Two Sides of Seaweed

I've always thought of seaweed as ugly sea barf. It lies on the beach, with a swarm of flies around it, smelly and wrinkled.It's brown and slimy, ruining my sandy view of paradise.Or, maybe it's liquid gold, strung on a necklace by invisible fingers who pay attention to details while decorating the ocean.It depends on … Continue reading The Two Sides of Seaweed

Sharks and John Steinbeck

Sometimes, I get a bee in my bonnet and it stings me on the brain. Suddenly, I cannot continue with my routine, my laundry, my regular comings and goings. I decide that life must ADVENTURE!The Adventure Bee stung me on a rainy Wednesday and by a rainy Friday I needed a cure. The swelling … Continue reading Sharks and John Steinbeck

Waiting: Moral of the Frustrated Gardener with help from Edna

"I will be the gladdest thingUnder the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers And not pick one.I will look at cliffs and clouds With quiet eyes, Watch the wind bow down the grass, And the grass rise.And when lights begin to showUp from the town, I will mark which must be mine, And then … Continue reading Waiting: Moral of the Frustrated Gardener with help from Edna

Sea Weather and Salt Water

Guess where I've been?Down a dirt path to the water's edgewhere the tide comes in and water caresses rockwhere grown men roll up their pants and look for sea urchinsand why do I think this sign is so funny? What's funny about it? Something...I was somewhere with cold water and cold air, and the safest … Continue reading Sea Weather and Salt Water

Following Light

Sometimes I am frustrated with the perky, family outing, God-is-so-good-stuff. I mean it's true, God IS good, but is everyone's life perfect?Um, no. Mine's not...shockingly.But, from these pictures, it does seem like my life is all sunshine...or at least big smiles...I think people sometimes don't tell the whole story, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They want … Continue reading Following Light

The Clam Chowder Said "Moo"!

I'm Alliiiveee!So I've survived strep, 2 year old projectile vomit, and two days with an Internet connection from 1993. I'm here to tell you that all that talk about moving to the coast....may just be hogwash at this point. We probably aren't going to move. My local friends: you can stop sitting outside the city … Continue reading The Clam Chowder Said "Moo"!

Gifts for Today (Because Who Knows About Tomorrow)

It's hard to write during times of uncertainty.What do I know?Will I move to costal breezes or will I stay in the fiery furnace I call home?Can we even sell our house?Can I even survive packing?What should I be doing? What's going to happen? Where will we end up?All questions. Unanswered. Here's what I do … Continue reading Gifts for Today (Because Who Knows About Tomorrow)