Joyful Noises and Head Colds

I smell like swimming pools and Marc Jacobs perfume. I have a horrible cold in August and a roll on perfume thing. So I'd roll it on and think, "I don't smell anything. Is it broken?" and then roll again just for good measure. Ten minutes later my nose started working again and I was overpowered … Continue reading Joyful Noises and Head Colds

Phase Two: Mammoth Lakes Kids Fishing Festival

to read Phase One: The Drive click hereFor the third year in a row we went to the Fishing Festival, a magical place where the ponds overflow with trout and other people will clean your fish for you. It was a glorious morning, and we had Papa to help us with the hooks, bait, and the child wrangling. We … Continue reading Phase Two: Mammoth Lakes Kids Fishing Festival

Hamster Hurricanes

original artwork entitled "IT'S BEDTIME ALREADY GEESH!"I love my people, I really do, but tonight they stayed up until 10 p.m. giggling and sneaking out of bed to "blow on the hamster so it falls out of it's wheel". I remember sneaking out of my bed to party and eat bean burritos I had hidden under … Continue reading Hamster Hurricanes

Pancakes With A Side Of Christmas Joy

December makes me giddy and bouncy and tired and excited. I'm a whirlwind of Christmas sprinkles and sometimes the Christmas sprinkles get on the floor, spilling everywhere, and I want to scream at people. Generally though, everything is sweet.Tonight we wandered off IHOP.I miss the days when it was called The International House of Pancakes. It … Continue reading Pancakes With A Side Of Christmas Joy

Survival Skills

I wish someone would tell mothers of small people that things will get better eventually. I just spent five hours sorting through clothes. The closets are organized, and 3Ts are filed away with summer 2Ts, and honestly I thought this day would never come.For so many years I've been throwing things in cardboard boxes and … Continue reading Survival Skills

I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Yesterday I innocently ignored the signs and purchased three boxes of Oreos AND a gelato at the grocery store. I thought I was buying the gelato for Derrick since I bought his flavor, which involves the unholy addition of bananas, but I ended up eating half of it.Today has been a survival day, where I ate … Continue reading I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Blather: Under the Influence of Herbal Tea

Hola friends!that's me, on the right, pre-quesadillaOh little blog, I haven't seen you're blinking face for some time now. What can I tell you? The days blur together. The weather hits 100 and then sinks back to 75, reflecting my general confusion about life. Is it fall? Is it summer? Why do I have a … Continue reading Blather: Under the Influence of Herbal Tea

Everyday Conversations

 Today I had the following conversation with my husband via cell phone:"Hey, there's a package from Amazon on the porch," he said."I know, I ordered it," I answered."Well...what is it?""It's an antler," I replied.Silence."An...antler?" he finally repeated."Yes. An antler."More silence."I just...don't know...why I have these conversations anymore," he finally said, "Okay. It's an antler. Love … Continue reading Everyday Conversations