Joyful Noises and Head Colds

I smell like swimming pools and Marc Jacobs perfume. I have a horrible cold in August and a roll on perfume thing. So I'd roll it on and think, "I don't smell anything. Is it broken?" and then roll again just for good measure. Ten minutes later my nose started working again and I was overpowered … Continue reading Joyful Noises and Head Colds

I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Yesterday I innocently ignored the signs and purchased three boxes of Oreos AND a gelato at the grocery store. I thought I was buying the gelato for Derrick since I bought his flavor, which involves the unholy addition of bananas, but I ended up eating half of it.Today has been a survival day, where I ate … Continue reading I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Looking Past the Garden Tools

There are eighty billion trees in the yard, and they're always, always, always, shedding something. Always.Pokey balls, bark worms, leaves, pine cones, pine needles, tiny birch tree bits, tiny maple tree flowers...and these are all technical terms I'm sure. The messy yard makes me crazy when I'm focused on my rake. If you look at the … Continue reading Looking Past the Garden Tools

On The First Day Of Spring My True Love Gave To Me…

The first day of Spring slapped us in the face. Sometimes the world screams at you when it wakes up from the Winter.The vibrant colors and perfumed smells are God's way of pulling at your pant leg, trying to get your attention.I'm pretty sure He's saying in his most urgent tone, "HELLO! FLAMINGOS! I MADE … Continue reading On The First Day Of Spring My True Love Gave To Me…

(Traveling Around In My Flip Flops Today)

I was born bathed in blood.Exposed and helpless, I don't remember the tears and sweat that brought me to this world, the waters of suffering and sacrifice. Those things are my mother's story. I only felt red cold fear.I am from Adam's seed and with the seed comes the knowledge. Knowledge of good. Knowledge of … Continue reading (Traveling Around In My Flip Flops Today)

Bountiful Deliciousness

When I saw the boxes smiling maliciously at me, a little piece of me screamed inside.I didn't remember ordering anything from and could only assume I had accidentally subscribed to diaper delivery again. I did that one time, and ended up with three huge boxes of size 5 diapers delivered to my house in … Continue reading Bountiful Deliciousness

Thankful Things In Season

There's sausage on the stove and a baby on the floor.Summer sweats and sings, "Hold the pumpkins! Hold the spice!"But the Season's ending, the seasonings are beckoning, so it's nutmeg and cinnamon with a hint of hazelnut.In September we wander the dairy at duskand console ourselves with dirt and hay, some brand new spots.The world's … Continue reading Thankful Things In Season

"She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

The only people who can believe in a God who says "Bury yourself" are the people who know they deserve to die.He tells us to die and be made new, and I forget it's a daily choice. I forget my cross carrying and start throwing myself a parade.I was busy tossing candy at the commoners … Continue reading "She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"