(Traveling Around In My Flip Flops Today)

I was born bathed in blood.Exposed and helpless, I don't remember the tears and sweat that brought me to this world, the waters of suffering and sacrifice. Those things are my mother's story. I only felt red cold fear.I am from Adam's seed and with the seed comes the knowledge. Knowledge of good. Knowledge of … Continue reading (Traveling Around In My Flip Flops Today)

Feeling Seedy

Today I'm over at "From the Monkey Bars", talking about pine cone bird feeders. I realize pine cone bird feeders aren't for everyone. The certainly weren't for us. In any case, you're welcome to stop by and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear your feelings on pine cone bird feeders. Really. Click here to … Continue reading Feeling Seedy

The Lumberjack’s Wife’s Shocking Discovery

Sometimes you stumble across a blog and you just love it, and that is what has happened with me and The Lumberjack's Wife. Taylor always has a way of making me laugh, usually at her expense, but still. I really, really like her. She keeps it real on her blog, documenting life in the middle … Continue reading The Lumberjack’s Wife’s Shocking Discovery

When The Air Is Thin And You Can’t See The Lake

When I first started blogging, I met Nancy, and we've been "pretend friends" ever since. She is a writer that explores her faith in a thought provoking way, but she adds a little salt and pepper to her posts to make it interesting. Plus, she posted a video of the Muppets doing a Patriotic number … Continue reading When The Air Is Thin And You Can’t See The Lake

Geese Eat Cherries! A Guest Post

You know in the old days how pregnant women went into "Confinement" when "their time" was nearing? I obviously don't believe in that old fashioned nonsense, because here I am, bouncing around cyberspace and visiting new friends. Thankfully, I'm meeting up with Nichole from In These Small Moments on the Internet because you do NOT … Continue reading Geese Eat Cherries! A Guest Post