(Traveling Around In My Flip Flops Today)

I was born bathed in blood.Exposed and helpless, I don't remember the tears and sweat that brought me to this world, the waters of suffering and sacrifice. Those things are my mother's story. I only felt red cold fear.I am from Adam's seed and with the seed comes the knowledge. Knowledge of good. Knowledge of … Continue reading (Traveling Around In My Flip Flops Today)

The Lumberjack’s Wife’s Shocking Discovery

Sometimes you stumble across a blog and you just love it, and that is what has happened with me and The Lumberjack's Wife. Taylor always has a way of making me laugh, usually at her expense, but still. I really, really like her. She keeps it real on her blog, documenting life in the middle … Continue reading The Lumberjack’s Wife’s Shocking Discovery

When The Air Is Thin And You Can’t See The Lake

When I first started blogging, I met Nancy, and we've been "pretend friends" ever since. She is a writer that explores her faith in a thought provoking way, but she adds a little salt and pepper to her posts to make it interesting. Plus, she posted a video of the Muppets doing a Patriotic number … Continue reading When The Air Is Thin And You Can’t See The Lake

Geese Eat Cherries! A Guest Post

You know in the old days how pregnant women went into "Confinement" when "their time" was nearing? I obviously don't believe in that old fashioned nonsense, because here I am, bouncing around cyberspace and visiting new friends. Thankfully, I'm meeting up with Nichole from In These Small Moments on the Internet because you do NOT … Continue reading Geese Eat Cherries! A Guest Post