The Magical Ordinary

In the morning, a terrible mist comes to me. Foggy and groggy, I stumble around the coffee maker, blind. I think everything is grey and stale. My coffee is lukewarm. There are mountains of dirty diapers and my shirt smells like spit, and everything is awful.Despite my disposition, the world still sparks; I'm not so … Continue reading The Magical Ordinary

Derrick Tells Another Story…With Guns

Sometimes, my husband tells me stories about his childhood. They usually involve weapons. Last night I had the privilege of hearing the following tale while washing the chili-bean bowls.Derrick: "When my mom went out of town once, my dad turned out all the lights in the house, opened the sliders and doors, and he gave … Continue reading Derrick Tells Another Story…With Guns

Spring Fever with a Hand Grenade

Spring is for planning, and plotting, and scheming, and starting. I want to spend springtime with dirt under my fingernails. I wish to watch my son run about in the sun. I plan on eating grilled food, and lots of pies. I'll work off those pie pounds by playing and gardening, and even yoga-ing on … Continue reading Spring Fever with a Hand Grenade