Picking Sides

Sean Connery. Where you expecting someone else?On Saturday we cuddled on the couch, eating store bought cookies and hugging fluffy bunnies with ironic names. We watched movies and had a dance party and ate pizza and we went home full.┬áNext morning someone woke up with an amazing rash. We fretted and worried and waited for … Continue reading Picking Sides

Some Snail Slurps and A Tree Frog

First the children got the cold. Quinten sounds like a chain-smoking waitress in a seedy coffee shop. If Sheldon and Quinten's noses entered the Boston Marathon, they'd come in first and second place. Yes. That's how fast they run. You're welcome.We've been surviving by watching Peter Pan over, and over and over. I yell "Stop … Continue reading Some Snail Slurps and A Tree Frog

Orange Socks and Unicorns

Guess who's stuck sporting bright orange socks today?I feel like today is an orange socks day.It's not like there's anything wrong with orange socks...they're just slightly off...a little strange...weird.Around here, we've had a lot of leaky diapers. I'm inclined to blame my husband for an overdose of water before bedtime, but it's probably not his … Continue reading Orange Socks and Unicorns

My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

You know what stinks? Forgetting where you parked your car when it's 111 million degrees outside.You know what stinks more? Having strep throat for a week without realizing it. Yes. I am Infesto the Strep, and I've been carrying around disease and mayhem for the past week, Viking style.I've been tired, oh so tired, and … Continue reading My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

"Preservatives and Perseverance" or "How I Almost Went Crazy"

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. ~Emily DickinsonI just licked my computer mouse.Wait, before you judge me, let me explain. I was licking it to get the ketchup that got onto it while I was eating french fries and goofing off on the Internet. WAIT! Let me explain. I … Continue reading "Preservatives and Perseverance" or "How I Almost Went Crazy"