Picking Sides

Sean Connery. Where you expecting someone else?On Saturday we cuddled on the couch, eating store bought cookies and hugging fluffy bunnies with ironic names. We watched movies and had a dance party and ate pizza and we went home full.¬†Next morning someone woke up with an amazing rash. We fretted and worried and waited for … Continue reading Picking Sides

I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Yesterday I innocently ignored the signs and purchased three boxes of Oreos AND a gelato at the grocery store. I thought I was buying the gelato for Derrick since I bought¬†his flavor, which involves the unholy addition of bananas, but I ended up eating half of it.Today has been a survival day, where I ate … Continue reading I Also Enjoy Pasta…

The Cricket and the Ice Cream Cone

When it gets dark and quiet, and all the world sleeps, I am awake. I look out my window and see the moon, almost full and almost bright, illuminating the passing clouds and shining down on my street, my house, and my cricket.The cricket sings outside my bedroom window and in the middle-night hours when … Continue reading The Cricket and the Ice Cream Cone

When Life Is Unpredictable, Messy and Reptilian

I fought for it this weekend. Oh. did. I. fight.I want to be grateful. I want to be a person who sucks the marrow out of every minute of life. But sometimes, life hands you a giant reptile.And one day, you wake up and find yourself petting a Billy Goat.Or you fall down the stairs … Continue reading When Life Is Unpredictable, Messy and Reptilian

My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

You know what stinks? Forgetting where you parked your car when it's 111 million degrees outside.You know what stinks more? Having strep throat for a week without realizing it. Yes. I am Infesto the Strep, and I've been carrying around disease and mayhem for the past week, Viking style.I've been tired, oh so tired, and … Continue reading My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

On Freedom and Family

On Independence Day, I asked, "What is America?"I know who we were. I know our Declarations and our Proclamations and our Constitution and our Amendments and our Delegations.I don't know our future. I know there is blue and red, liberal and conservative, Tea Party and Green. I hear talks on the tide of America, turning … Continue reading On Freedom and Family

The Ice Cream Way to Vegetable Consumption

Clean Plate Tickets: they were invented by my Grandpa, the handsome devil below...however I think I must give some credit to Grandma, who made Clean Plate Tickets a necessity.(aren't they cute? Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa!)I was one of those kids who would gag and even vomit when a vegetable crossed my lips. My mother tried … Continue reading The Ice Cream Way to Vegetable Consumption