1920’s Murder Mystery Party Part 1: The Making of A Speakeasy

This past year I decided to throw a Halloween party, and here we are, in January, talking about it.I'm nothing if not prompt.How to throw an epic and ridiculously fun Murder Mystery Party for your friends¬†(you know you want to):I bought my game from Dinner and a Murder. I purchased the PDF version for download … Continue reading 1920’s Murder Mystery Party Part 1: The Making of A Speakeasy

Everyday Conversations

¬†Today I had the following conversation with my husband via cell phone:"Hey, there's a package from Amazon on the porch," he said."I know, I ordered it," I answered."Well...what is it?""It's an antler," I replied.Silence."An...antler?" he finally repeated."Yes. An antler."More silence."I just...don't know...why I have these conversations anymore," he finally said, "Okay. It's an antler. Love … Continue reading Everyday Conversations

What You Need To Know About Me Even If You Don’t Care To Know It

¬†Introducing myself:My name is JoAnn. Do you know what would be fun? If I recapped my evening yesterday. It should be illuminating.First, I ordered Chipotle for three people online and then I noticed I accidentally ordered my husband a chicken salad instead of a chicken burrito. So I called and fixed the order. Then my … Continue reading What You Need To Know About Me Even If You Don’t Care To Know It

Bountiful Deliciousness

When I saw the boxes smiling maliciously at me, a little piece of me screamed inside.I didn't remember ordering anything from Amazon.com and could only assume I had accidentally subscribed to diaper delivery again. I did that one time, and ended up with three huge boxes of size 5 diapers delivered to my house in … Continue reading Bountiful Deliciousness

"She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

The only people who can believe in a God who says "Bury yourself" are the people who know they deserve to die.He tells us to die and be made new, and I forget it's a daily choice. I forget my cross carrying and start throwing myself a parade.I was busy tossing candy at the commoners … Continue reading "She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

Where I Forget What I Was Talking About

I just painted my fingernails "Disco Ball" sparkle. For as long as I can remember, I've been a sucker for the sparkle-shiny things in life.Sometimes though, all the glitter and bang catches up with you. Thankfully, I stocked up on peace and quiet this weekend, perhaps a part of me knew I'd be drawn to … Continue reading Where I Forget What I Was Talking About

The Bemusing Muse

I was going to write about my weekend, which involved trees and rocks, raindrops and rainbow trout. However, when I went to upload pictures for the sweet little story I was going to tell, I found about fifty self portraits from my little sister:What the what?I believe, when one is gifted with such a large … Continue reading The Bemusing Muse

The Magical Ordinary

In the morning, a terrible mist comes to me. Foggy and groggy, I stumble around the coffee maker, blind. I think everything is grey and stale. My coffee is lukewarm. There are mountains of dirty diapers and my shirt smells like spit, and everything is awful.Despite my disposition, the world still sparks; I'm not so … Continue reading The Magical Ordinary

Brain Barf: Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just feel like talking, and guess what? I have a blog! So I can talk with my fingers! You can read my thoughts! Lucky YOU!Tonight I'm taking an inventory of my life:I have a lot of mismatched socks, and A LOT of yard work, and there's never enough coffee but I also have … Continue reading Brain Barf: Random Thoughts

Shingles and Spiders

First of all, what's for dinner? Because I have no idea. I should probably go defrost something right now. I woke up this morning to the DOORBELL, which is disconcerting when you have morning hair. Luckily Derrick was there to shove out of bed, he doesn't have to worry about making his hair look presentable.It … Continue reading Shingles and Spiders