Joyful Noises and Head Colds

I smell like swimming pools and Marc Jacobs perfume. I have a horrible cold in August and a roll on perfume thing. So I'd roll it on and think, "I don't smell anything. Is it broken?" and then roll again just for good measure. Ten minutes later my nose started working again and I was overpowered … Continue reading Joyful Noises and Head Colds

Survival Skills

I wish someone would tell mothers of small people that things will get better eventually. I just spent five hours sorting through clothes. The closets are organized, and 3Ts are filed away with summer 2Ts, and honestly I thought this day would never come.For so many years I've been throwing things in cardboard boxes and … Continue reading Survival Skills

Blather: Under the Influence of Herbal Tea

Hola friends!that's me, on the right, pre-quesadillaOh little blog, I haven't seen you're blinking face for some time now. What can I tell you? The days blur together. The weather hits 100 and then sinks back to 75, reflecting my general confusion about life. Is it fall? Is it summer? Why do I have a … Continue reading Blather: Under the Influence of Herbal Tea

Pajama Clad Days

My cup has a question mark on it. It's the whole day written on ceramic, a hieroglyphic metaphor for Monday.One baby is at school and the other has the flu and yet another is eating crackers with some brand new molars, hard won through sleepless nights and a half eaten crib.With laundry to wash and … Continue reading Pajama Clad Days

Cain and Abel Paint the House

Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don't have the top for.  ~Jerry SeinfeldWhen you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, coffee helps. Then the kids wake up and you need a Higher Power and a sense of humor to get you though the day.After they socked each other … Continue reading Cain and Abel Paint the House

When It Rains, And You Cry, And The Clothes Don’t Wash Themselves

It rained for days. Noses poured, tears flowed, tempers flared and the Mother wished everything would dry up.I cried on the toilet while I told my husband about the laundry that lurked up on me. I was so overwhelmed by messes. My children were naughty. My house was embarrassing. The boys splashed happily in the … Continue reading When It Rains, And You Cry, And The Clothes Don’t Wash Themselves

A Mama Hen’s Heavy Burdens

Some days, the heaviest burden you have to bear is a chicken with questionable hairstyling.Then there are the days where you have a two hour Doctor appointment with two kids. It's enough to drive a person to drink.And just when you think you can't take it anymore, there are poo poo problems on the back … Continue reading A Mama Hen’s Heavy Burdens

Going the Way of the Butter: Attitude Extinction

Greetings."Joy is the serious business of Heaven"- C.S. LewisI'll confess; Tuesdays are hard. They're the Almost-Middle, the Busy-bee and Laundry Pile Day of the week. Half of the week is over, and half of the clothes have been worn, and half of the milk is gone and perhaps, you have been caught unawares by the … Continue reading Going the Way of the Butter: Attitude Extinction

When Life Is Unpredictable, Messy and Reptilian

I fought for it this weekend. Oh. did. I. fight.I want to be grateful. I want to be a person who sucks the marrow out of every minute of life. But sometimes, life hands you a giant reptile.And one day, you wake up and find yourself petting a Billy Goat.Or you fall down the stairs … Continue reading When Life Is Unpredictable, Messy and Reptilian

A Time For Frozen Treats in January

Life had creeped and crawled to a manageable pace, and there was time for books and gardens, mopped floors and meals. I thought it would last forever, but I woke up this morning to a mess and some stress, to small coughs and runny noses. I have a full schedule this week, with a topping … Continue reading A Time For Frozen Treats in January