I Also Enjoy Pasta…

Yesterday I innocently ignored the signs and purchased three boxes of Oreos AND a gelato at the grocery store. I thought I was buying the gelato for Derrick since I bought his flavor, which involves the unholy addition of bananas, but I ended up eating half of it.Today has been a survival day, where I ate … Continue reading I Also Enjoy Pasta…

When Things Are Dark And The Squirrels Preach

My sister tells me about her trip to the local Pharmacy and the woman she saw there, the lady with a cart full of kids.The woman tells her children she will give them bloody noses when they get home if they don't STOP IT. My sister cries in the car and together we say "blessed … Continue reading When Things Are Dark And The Squirrels Preach

What Happens When You Think In The Garden

I went outside at dusk, when you have to squint to see. The spring air was breezy and my poor husband sneezed away in the corner, digging in the hard pan, trying to kill the sprinkler monster that has taken over our front lawn. I ignored his allergic noises and smelled the jasmine in the … Continue reading What Happens When You Think In The Garden

Drama and Conviction

"The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love."-Psalm 145:8In my quest to know the one true God, I happened to find myself in the Old Testament. I read my way through battles, marriages, affairs, assassination attempts and murders. Somewhere around a census and a hanging, David sinned (um, again). He … Continue reading Drama and Conviction