The Sound of Hoppy-ness and Joy

Once upon a time, I was very sad and everything was very dark, even the sky. The window was open, and I lay in bed under my blanket, feeling the whisper-cool of the night air and listening to the sprinklers count fourth notes in the distance. It was quiet, it was dark, peaceful and somber. … Continue reading The Sound of Hoppy-ness and Joy

When You Don’t Bow You Miss Babies And Other Low To The Ground Things

I just thought you should know, when I started blogging I was somewhere else.I was almost lost, and entirely hopeless. In my dark place I learned to write, to live in the neat boarders that come with punctuation marks and paragraphs. I counted the pearlescent lotion bottles on the messy bathroom counter as gifts, and … Continue reading When You Don’t Bow You Miss Babies And Other Low To The Ground Things

Thankful Things In Season

There's sausage on the stove and a baby on the floor.Summer sweats and sings, "Hold the pumpkins! Hold the spice!"But the Season's ending, the seasonings are beckoning, so it's nutmeg and cinnamon with a hint of hazelnut.In September we wander the dairy at duskand console ourselves with dirt and hay, some brand new spots.The world's … Continue reading Thankful Things In Season

The Cricket and the Ice Cream Cone

When it gets dark and quiet, and all the world sleeps, I am awake. I look out my window and see the moon, almost full and almost bright, illuminating the passing clouds and shining down on my street, my house, and my cricket.The cricket sings outside my bedroom window and in the middle-night hours when … Continue reading The Cricket and the Ice Cream Cone

Thanksgiving In May: It’s How I Roll

This Monday I give thanks for fresh strawberries straight from the patchand the little boys who eat them.For an overabundance (no such thing) of snapdragonsand the momma who grew them.For little babies who are growing up fastbut still know how to snuggle and suck their thumb.And for the Grandpa's who hold them.It's been a whirling … Continue reading Thanksgiving In May: It’s How I Roll

Flowers and Fire Trucks

I've been up to my ears in Childhood! It makes thankfulness comes easy...unless I haven't had a nap, unless I haven't had a snack, unless I'm sick, unless my children are in a "mood". In those moments, watch me swallow a growl. But who needs a pregnant hormonal whiner?Not you.Not me.What we need are some … Continue reading Flowers and Fire Trucks

Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

Every spare piece of paper has been marked in this house, covered with squiggles and circles and polka dot creations that represent Humpback Whales and rainbows. Running out of blank paper is the first thing I'm grateful for today; it's disappearance is a sign of creative little hands. While we're on the subject, I'm also … Continue reading Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

The Two Sides of Seaweed

I've always thought of seaweed as ugly sea barf. It lies on the beach, with a swarm of flies around it, smelly and wrinkled.It's brown and slimy, ruining my sandy view of paradise.Or, maybe it's liquid gold, strung on a necklace by invisible fingers who pay attention to details while decorating the ocean.It depends on … Continue reading The Two Sides of Seaweed