Shake Your Salt Shaker

I got on a big plane and flew to Germany when I was 18. I think my parents let me go because they wanted me to expand my horizons and have an "experience".I experienced a lot of beer and a belly button piercing. Then I flew home and experienced my mother reading my diary and … Continue reading Shake Your Salt Shaker

Baby Steps to the Breakfast Table

"The entire law is summed up in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."- Galatians 5:14I lay in the dark, late, seething.I had just read a chapter from Crazy Love about living a life for God. Examples of ordinary people feeding starving children, abandoned to the streets, families going to soup kitchens on Christmas … Continue reading Baby Steps to the Breakfast Table

Baby Steps to the Cheerios

I read the back of the Cheerios box this morning, because I'm always word-hungry. If you register the code online the company will donate a dollar to help the underprivileged get cholesterol screening. I don't think much about cholesterol screening, and I don't even like Cheerios (I give them to my son who hasn't discovered … Continue reading Baby Steps to the Cheerios

The Ice Cream Way to Vegetable Consumption

Clean Plate Tickets: they were invented by my Grandpa, the handsome devil below...however I think I must give some credit to Grandma, who made Clean Plate Tickets a necessity.(aren't they cute? Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa!)I was one of those kids who would gag and even vomit when a vegetable crossed my lips. My mother tried … Continue reading The Ice Cream Way to Vegetable Consumption

Red Light, Green Light

Driving is for deep conversations."Mommy drive faster. Drive like daddy.""Mommy get gas""We don't need any gas son""WHY?""We still have some gas in our car.""Where's dat garbage truck going?""I don't know Q. Somewhere to get garbage.""It's probably going far far away from here..." muses Q."Mommy what's that?""What's what?""What's THAT?""I don't know what you are looking at, … Continue reading Red Light, Green Light